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A certain Kenyan/Muslim—flaunting what Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona called a forged birth certificate—seemed to want American exceptionalism killed off wherever he found it. Young Asians seemed to be one of his primary targets.


Because Asians are reportedly exceptional students. They actually STUDY and are raised in an environment stating the importance of education. This is—reportedly—as opposed to some “Other” minorities, whose collective level of scholastic competence might make the Kenyan “look bad.”

Here’s some reported educational news from the People’s Republic of “A Mystical Happy Horse Shit City In Texas,” as read in a study, below.

In the past 30 years, despite billions spent on Education, results in the Mystical City School District have declined each year.

Now, 58% of 3rd graders cannot read in their grade, and math is even worse. As for the upper grades, percentages are even lower.

However, we are told The People’s Republic “solved the problem,” by floating a billion dollar bond issue to “Fund better education.”


And the Mystified Sheeple approved it all on a ballot. (“It’s for the children.”)

The money will reportedly be used for infrastructure, more goodies for apparently incompetent teachers, and for the hiring of more “needed staff.” The mantra of seeming ignorance plays out as, “Pay the teachers more and they will become teachers.”

Let me ask you—if you have an incompetent shithead in your company, and instead of firing him, you call him in and give him a raise—then, he won’t continue to be a shithead?

Do I have that right?

Average teacher salary, not including YUGE benefits, in the Mystical City, is reportedly around $57,000 a year, but this annualizes out to more like $79,000.

Again, I ask: would you give a shithead earning about $57K-$79K a raise, or a boot in the ass out the door?

Some Mystical Cities—it seems—are infected with the California virus.