By Conservative Detective—An Original Article:



Now I know why the Extreme Loon Left is melting down, raving, ravening, chewing its car-keys and pens, and exploding vomit all over themselves—and us.

This assessment includes the maxine Waters and Michael Moore Community; the FakeStream Media Community; the Precious Snowflake Community; the Paid Rioters Inc. Community; the Islamo-Fascist-Killers’ Community; the US Marxist Politician Community; the Foreign Evil Trillionaire Community; and all the rest of the Extreme Loon Left, Racist, Bigot, Commie, Conquered-One-World Communities.

“It was a religious code…the [8th Century] berserkers were subject to fits of frenzy. They would howl like wild beasts, foamed at the mouth, and gnawed the iron rim of their shields…[they believed] they were immune to steel and fire, and they made great havoc…When the fever abated they were weak and tame….

“…To ‘go berserk’ was to ‘enter a state of wild fury…’ more like trolls than human beings…ravenous men who loot, plunder, and kill indiscriminately….

“…Some scholars propose…berserker rage had been induced…by the hallucinogenic mushroom muscaria or massive amounts of alcohol…other explanations [include] self-induced hysteria, epilepsy, mental illness, or genetics.”

You know who I mean, right? The berserk Democrat, hysteric, rabid, maniac rioting goons. And the paid or lunatic, “social” trolls? The Obama/Hillary/Mueller/Comey Axis of Evil?

The ultimate Object of the mad-dog berserkers baying and snapping all around us, is to suppress, discredit, minimize, block, or remove our Donald Trump.

Frankly, I’d like to see this all just end right now. I wouldn’t mind if they were all swept away somewhere, never to be heard from again. Vanished. Lost. Beamed out. Sucked into a black hole near Andromeda. Gone. The End. Poofed!

But, let’s talk about it, anyway.

Simply put, the Ultimate Object of the mad-dog berserkers baying and snapping all around us, is to suppress, discredit, minimize, block, or remove our Donald Trump. Some even say “Kill him; assassinate him.”

Michael Moore tells us to throw our “bodies” on the line—but not his fatass body, because he wants to be filming you for his next $50,000,000 paycheck.

Time out: this syndrome is characterized by clinical, mental disease markers. These apparent daily, twenty-four hour, insane fugues of an insane, berserker Democrat Party and its useful fools are signature sickness markers of the Left. This is exclusive of and to the left.

If you see them raving, shaking, lashing out, and chewing their keys, pens, or rims of iron-clad shields—they are of the ensorcelled, zombified, Berserker Left. They are drugged, drunk, or under an evil spell.

And the Left protects itself at all times, its berserkers, rioters, burners, and killers. They know how to circle their Prius hybrids and fight off you wild Indian conservatives.

All organs of the State and the instrumentalities of its bewitched Useful Idiots are turned outward. They exist to protect and shelter these ravening, raving werewolves who shout, “Kill Trump,” or destroy America.

They are guilty, and self-convicted, by their shouts, their entranced ravenings, lunatic, crazed deeds, riots, burnings, and beatdowns.

Their indoctrinated, vacuous, over dressed and overly made-up, effete male, high testosterone female, and “other” hybrid sexes are on a one-way mission to destroy noble American ideals, traditions, and goals. And they are shamelessly—aggressively—aided and promoted by the desperate, moronic lies of their multimillionaire, “news” talking heads, and paid, government staff liars.

Lets not forget their ignorant, dumbass celebrities and movie stars—who really don’t know crap about crap. And who really only want to tell you lies, or omit what they don’t want you to know, in the name of their chosen, Obama-Hillary-Mueller-Comey-Lynch Axis of Evil.

There are two sets of rules: one for Democrats, and one for you. But rules don’t apply to Democrats, anyway. Nor do laws. Nor does the US Constitution.

So, them saying, “Kill Trump,” or “Death to America,” that all seems fine with them.

But, if YOU try saying “Kill _______ (fill in name of any Democrat),” just see what happens to you.

You are not equal. You are not a Democrat. You should not even be allowed to exist, the Democrats tell me. They want you dead and gone from their one-world.

YOU don’t matter to them. Nothing you want, or aspire to, for you or your family—NONE of that matters to them.

ALL that which apparently matters to them is a mutant, pus-swollen agenda of Marxism, Islamism, Open Borders, One World, and burning America the Beautiful down to the ground—and scattering its ashes.


Amid the laughter and playground taunts and blows of their infected, “news” readers; court jesters; “entertainers;” ancient, wrinkled, one-time songstresses, and their gloating, arrogant, kneeling muscle creeps.

And don’t forget their killers from other lands. Their rapists, murderers, criminals, bomb-makers, and their insatiable Conquistadores spreading disease and infection. Invaders from beyond our sacred borders—north, south, east, and west.

And watch from which compass point the wind comes, and how it gusts, and what it carries.

But, Ha!

Donald Trump is suddenly in their way. And you and I—patriotic Americans and freedom lovers —WE have set them back.

We have set them back by decades.

That’s what this is all about. That’s what this current, Leftist, flailing insanity you’re witness to is really just all about: simply, to block or get rid of Trump.

And to reassert the maniacal, Leftist, Global agenda. Foreign trillionaires; foreign dictators; foreign and domestic enemies.

And to that I say—to paraphrase Obama’s “partners” in Iran—“Death To Your One World!”

Or, actually: “death” to your ideas and efforts to create that world; to make that happen; that One World which you machinate, and lust for. That which you cannot seem to turn from or let go, not for an instant.

Because you are truly berserk. You rant and write how you want to shoot, stab, bomb, or run us over. You will do it yourself or enable your stupid proxies.

You know who I mean: those unvettable “refugees” and “migrants” whom you cannot seem to import enough of, fast enough to help you destroy the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

We don’t “march;” we don’t “protest.” We don’t plan and plot to harm you—because you’re just born that fricking way. You can’t help yourself.

Evil or Ignorance is in your blood; your DNA; and maybe your soul. You’re bred to it—like farm animals.

Over 10,000 years you’ve been created by kings and cities and enforcers to promote and support them in whatever insanity is their current pleasure. Their whims of power. Their lust for power. Their Rule of Power.


Because there is a duality bred into you. Or, maybe, it’s always been there. Those who support the king are increased, and allowed to breed like flies. Those who do not support the king are killed off, or not supported to breed.

Liberals, gooooood. Conservatives, baaaaaad.

Farm animals.

You are—to them—the Rulers and foreign trillionaires, Marxists, Islamists, subjugators, and the enforcers—you are farm animals.

One truth has emerged from this insanity of the left and its legions of Klingon berserkers:

America, and the American people are now awake.

And the diseased, catastrophic lies of the Democrat Liberal “Progressives,” and their enthralled FakeStream Media, are exactly what has awakened us.

These basically stupid agents, promoters, and provocateurs of the Left have been too berserk, too long, and now we see it is an act.

They are not super men, or nine feet tall, and their act—their wild flailing, and berserker lashing out—it has exposed them for what they are.

Like all berserkers, they are probably drugged, drunk, insane, or all of these together.

The new fact is: none of these evil insectoid beings—none of these hateful, envious, drooling, berserk basterds—can put us “back in the bottle.”


The sleeper has awakened.