By Conservative Detective—An Original Article:

A website and related app that allows local residents to request maintenance or non-emergency services from the city has received 16,015 complaints with the keyword ‘feces’ in the last week at the time of this writing, and many pertain to human waste in public places.

Additionally, words and phrases synonymous with ‘feces’ are found in thousands more grievances.

Many of the complaints also connect the fecal matter to vagrants and homeless encampments – a sight all too common now across California….

…On January 1, 2018, California officially declared itself a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens and criminals.

For some reason California Governor Jerry Brown and the State of California seem mysteriously eager to import as many homeless and illegals as fast as they can. Jerry Brown has even extended open invitations to the homeless and illegals while refusing to declare “a requested state of emergency,” for what is clearly proving to be a human disaster.

When I say, “mysteriously eager,” I don’t mean it in a California UFO kind of way.


I mean that it’s being done in an apparently insanely-calculated, liberal, progressive, Democrat, one-world, happy horseshlt kind of way.

The once great City of San Francisco has been ”fundamentally transformed” into an open toilet and cess pool of infected human crap, criminals, and crime—under Governor Jerry Brown and his Democrat posse of like-minded loons. This condition streams and plops from the bent political positions and societal squats of former US President Barack Hussein “All Muslims Welcome” Obama and his hard-riding, saddle-sore, Democrat horde of anti-America, “Ghengis Kahn Mongols.”

Like a criminal motorcycle gang, Jerry Brown and the vile Democrats barrel over anything and anybody in their way as they violently import by any means necessary as many potential Democrat voters possible—in order to grasp, seize, and Control as much elected political power as humanly possible…make that, “as possible.”

This is for the purpose of controlling California and ALL Californians,  in the classic style of Marxist dictators everywhere—especially once they are disarmed of firearms and any possible firepower against Power of the State.

Had he declared a state of emergency Governor Brown would have made some $500,000,000 available to local California governments, to try and deal with this human catastrophe. In the past year, in L.A. County alone, people sleeping on sidewalks, in cars, and tents, has skyrocketed by nearly 6 percent. L.A. County has the most homeless people flooding it than in the rest of the USA—a horde of around 13,000 unfortunates.

California has a reported record of about 2,500,000 illegal “immigrants” overflowing  its streets, barios, and tenements. This is the highest concentration of illegals and illegal immigrants anywhere in America.

There appears to be no end in sight. California seems to want as many illegals and homeless as it can shovel inside its borders-no matter the cost. No matter what it takes.

Many—including I—ask, WHY are they doing this? Humanistically and finanacially in makes no sense. Won’t California eventually just explode and collapse?

Yes it will eventually explode and collapse, but—to me—its moonbat Democrat “leaders” seem hellbent anyway on increasing their voter rolls and 💰 tribute paid into their personal and election coffers by gangs, cartels, prostitutes, graft, grift, criminals, drug sellers, and…oh…increased taxes on the middle class.

The California, Starbucked and effetely over-sugared, middle class seems to love going along with the insanity. I guess it makes them feel good—like they are doing something to ease the problem—while they exactly and simultaneously help CREATE the very same fricking problem.

Maybe California will split into “three states.” This might help speed the imminent collapse, rioting, and conservatively-hoped-for political purges of Democrats that would correct the madness.

Maybe it really is a UFO-kind of Democrat, Happy Horse Shlt, One-World out there….