By Conservative Detective, An Original Article

Quote Credit: AP

Bay State U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren spent another Fourth of July visiting troops overseas as she bolsters her foreign policy credentials — a crucial step if she plans on running for president in 2020….

Last year, Warren, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee in 2016, spent the Fourth of July on a trip to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates along with a bipartisan congressional delegation. And earlier this year, she visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone on a trip to South Korea, Japan and China.

The trips are part of a pattern to provide Warren foreign policy experience that would be necessary for a presidential run, said Republican political consultant Ford O’Connell.

You stupid, pliable, brainwashed “troops” and Americans. The Democrats believe they are just so much smarter than you, that you will fall for anything they fling over your heads. They are just smart. And they have smart ideas. It’s smart.

And whatever smart, new, insidious, Democrat, lying ploy they come up with to destroy America and seize total power—over You—you’re just gonna suck it up and cheer, right?

Am I right?


Why not? What’s that you say? You’re not buying the Democrat line of smart bullshlt this time because now you’re awake. And you recognize them for the lying, power-mad, jealous, envious, lying basterds they have proven themselves to be—and always were.

You’re waiting to see if the madcap “progressives” and their running dog promoters and enablers in the sick, demented, lie-sucking, smart media will help foment and enable a “second USA civil war?”

And, “why doesn’t Pocahontas Warren just give the damn DNA swab already, and prove her smart American Indian—woo, woo-whoops—I mean her noble Native American—heritage?

Well all right, America. You’re not so stupid after all, then.

Carry on.

MAGA, and….

“…Be Prepared!”