Another gutless liberal basterd attacks a white conservative—for merely wearing a MAGA hat in public. How is this ANY different than what the Brownshirts and SS and SA did to Jews in 1930s Germany?



And then the spineless anti-America, walking POS just LEAVES—but not before throwing a drink in the white kid’s face, and STEALING his MAGA hat.

I have enhanced the screenshot and photo in hopes of helping catch this violent, ethnic-looking sunofabltch before he hurts somebody else.

Maybe he’ll go back—or be sent back—to whatever shlthole country he crawled out of, if any.


Police are investigating after a teen says he was verbally attacked and assaulted at a Whataburger for wearing a Make America Great Again hat. In the video, you can see a man throw a drink in 16-year-old Hunter Richard’s face before leaving the restaurant with his hat. Hunter said some of his hair was pulled during the assault.