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The Perspective of Remembrance

There is a perspective that can be had from seventy years of observing world events and the current chaos in America.  Remembrances of older people span epochs of open progress and current barriers of restriction, hate, envy, lust, and power at any cost.

I first watched John Cameron Swayze read the news on experimental television in 1947.  This was before news anchors had figured out how to manipulate the brains of viewers.  TV’s transformative power seemed not yet discovered.

But a manipulated “news” has been transforming America ever since, during the eighteen presidential administrations of fourteen presidents I have lived with.

This encompassed World War II, the atomic bomb, the Korean “Police Action,” the “Cold War,” the Berlin Airlift, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the sellout to Iran.

During these epochs, the news and “entertainment” media have become adept in regulation of American viewers’ thoughts and reactions.  If you can sell them dancing cigarettes as Swayze did, you can sell them almost anything.

We have lately witnessed the media-backed “fundamental transformation of America.”  This episode was produced and directed by President Barack Hussein Obama with his apparent “progressive” view.

But our American transformation seemed to call for something not all of us wanted.  For instance, I did not want all seniors dead.  This seemed a subtle but necessary part of the transformative plan.

It could possibly account for President Obama’s on-air comment I heard, wherein he stated that an elderly woman might be “better off, uh, not having the surgery but, taking, uh, the pain-killer.”

No pacemaker.  Just take a pain pill.

It seemed maybe he didn’t want us seniors around.

Why not?

Because we remember.

We remember America.  We remember the way things were.  We remember our bold ambitions, our sweet hopes and fears, our stunning accomplishments.  We remember the Golden Age, the Space Age, the Computer Age, and all.

Current news and blog headlines predict a “coming civil war.”

But a second American civil war has actually been going on since before World War II.  For a hundred years there has been an insidious, leftist, one-world push to cut America off from her noble self.  Bring her to her knees, and make her part of some non-existent Happy League of United Nations or “world community.”

This second civil war has become more visible as leftists grew bolder.  This came after a so-called, “defeat” of the American superpower in the Vietnam War.

“Defeat” – not by the power of an enemy, but by a carnivorous boring, a gnawing away within the paralyzed body of America.  Like some sacrifice offered to a dark god of blood and gold.

While apparently not centralized in some all-powerful, ruling organization, this civil war is neither spontaneous or without a plan.  It is Marxist, one world-oriented, and driven by factions with a common goal: the subjugation and total rule of all humanity – for its own good – with a worthy, “smart,” elite at the helm.

With the not-so-smart Vietnam war, expanded by Democrats, JFK and LBJ, came unanticipated protests, marches, bombings, draft card burnings, and loss of the iconic American character itself. Societal violence. Reins of power were seized by the left in schools, newsrooms, entertainment, and the American government.

At about the same time America was being co-opted, the guardians of American virtue were “liberated” by the birth control pill.  There were the Beatles with their imported drug culture of acid, cannabis, and worse.

There was the rise of an insidious, creeping left under LBJ, and finally the “news” of “Daddy” Walter Cronkite and America’s “not winnable” war in Vietnam.

The ruinous chaos that resulted from these gyrations has become what we are told to view as the new normal.

The new normal?

Parents have become mere buddies to their socialist-indoctrinated kids and smoke dope with them.  Is that normal?

The police officer is made over into a killer of young blacks.  The government is so busy spying on Joe America that it has no time to stop illegal invaders, criminals, killers, or blatant subversives in its own midst.  The news and entertainment business, including so-called “comedians,” is in the business of hate, racism, ridicule, eradication of their perceived enemies, and “Down with Trump.”


You have witnessed insidious acts of exclusion and violence against citizens and duly elected or appointed officials of the government.  This happened on streets, in restaurants, outside private homes, on TV, online, in print, and almost everywhere else…this is the new civil war you are told is coming.

But it’s here…now.

In “comments” sections of blogs and articles and the prestigious “social networking sites,” you can read taunts, curses, threats of murder and death, and other super-violent ravings.  There was a time, not even long ago, where such mania would never have been permitted. No longer.

These various incidents of exclusion and violence will increase and grow.  It won’t get better.  And the leftist legacy media will not tell you the truth.

It remains to be seen Who will do What to Whom.  But expect to observe a creeping, scurrilous kind of warfare – first among individuals, then between loose groups, and finally organized gangs.  As in the past, and as in today’s Mexico, Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere, nobody will be safe.  As in 1930s Germany.

There will be those who would shuffle others off to camps or worse.  This will extend to international billionaires, one-worlders, conservatives, and anyone who speaks out prominently.

Right now, there are no obvious leaders on the conservative side.  Conservatives don’t normally “protest,” march, or demonstrate.  But, should leaders arise, or the police or military be perceived as needing “backing,” then all bets are off.

To armchair commenters, generals, and warriors: such action will never be permitted.  Those powers duly charged with keeping the peace will always keep the peace.  Nobody, neither side, will be able to resist those same powers.

There are men and women in every era, on every side, who will always do what they are told.  They will thrust the blade, drop the poison, or pull the trigger on command.  Because it was orders.  It was the right thing to do.  It was patriotic.

These same people already know all about you.  They can read everything you send; hear everything you say, track you from space, see through walls, see in the dark, recognize your face in a mob, and fly in the air – and, from a thousand miles away, they can pilot a bomb through a window.

You’re in their secret database.

From my perspective, I’m not saying to surrender.  I’m not saying to give up.  I’m not saying either to just go along.

But, as what used to be the Boy Scouts of America state in their motto: “Be prepared!”



ORIGINAL PUBLISHER, AMERICANTHINKER.COM, 7/8/18 : https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/07/the_perspective_of_remembrance.html