I used to have Netflix but ultimately found myself spending hours trying to find something I could watch. I couldn’t find anything.

The Netflix selection was puerile and tended heavily to a sick, twisted, stinking, nightmare, reversed universe currently serving as “the film industry.” Every available film seemed perverted, drugged, over-sexed, stupid, gorged with liberalism — or it opened with a woman being scewed by some stud against a wall, or some guy brushing his teeth and spitting in the sink.


It was just taking too long to find anything I could watch, and there was nothing to watch anyway, it was all too sick, made-up, and nauseating — so I quit Netflix and saved the cost — $9 or $10 at the time.

With those few shekels I bought into Amazon Prime. This seemed pretty good. I got Amazon Streaming TV which seemed better than Netflix, plus, Amazon free Kindle books, plus free delivery on Amazon-sold products, plus other goodies.

However, after a while I had the same problem as with Netflix. There were only what seemed to be the sickass nightmares of drugged or boozed writers — fellow Jews, usually— made into disgusting, sick movies.

Also, Amazon Streaming had a nasty “habit” of showing me previews of it’s disgusting made-up, stupid movies and stupid TV shows as I was trying to watch a documentary.

Documentaries, in fact, seemed better on Amazon than Netflix, and there were always just enough new ones coming online to keep me supplied with a fix.

However, the only thing I was able to actually watch on Amazon were one or two TV series, like Downton Manor, and some of the documentaries because all the offered and previewed movies were totally sickass disgusting made-up crap and pointless — about drugs, violent crime, blood, guns, bad cops, sex against a wall, guys brushing their teeth, and just stupid crap.

So I tried instead reading free Amazon Kindle books available in my Prime package. It took hours of searching, investigating, preliminary reading, and then rejecting hundreds of these books. They were nearly all really bad.

I was only able to stomach a few of these books. I did read a lot of science fiction but it was all the same. The books were written by women, or about women, and the women in the books were always the toughest, roughest, most powerful, best pilots, best looking, hotest, and best shots in the entire space fleet. And — weirdly — a lot of them were named Ellie or Elle.

Usually the authorettes would list their first two names as initials.

And the stories were always about an old, outdated, but very special starship that had to be rebuilt with special armor so it could fight and save the galaxy. And these things always flew beyond light speed by using special jump gates, space warps, black holes, or other unknown methods. Sometimes not even the crews knew how the thing worked. And the characters were always flat, no personality, and no “arc” of development or change.

After a while I asked myself, why the hell am I wasting my time reading this stupid bullshlt crap?

It was a waste, and I was neither entertained or educated.

And ALL of it —movies, TV shows, and books — all of it had a stout liberal message and call to arms. Or what serves as arms to a liberal, which is usually social media, Comments, protests, lawyers, judges, daddies, mommies, two mommies or daddies, politicians, and liberal news.

Then it hit me: ALL THIS STUFF, the movies and books, all of it stunk and was probably just meant to make a reader or viewer dumb and stupid.

It was ALL a distraction from the main event: manufacture of a brainwashed idiocrasy that could be pacified or made violent from one moment to the next — and controlled. Used.

Done to create susceptible markets that would buy whatever they were told. Like the command to purchase Obamacare, Michael Moore movies, songs by Madonna, and CDs by a no talent, small-busted Miley Cyrus.

Back in the 1940s when they were first learning to manipulate and control us via the media, they actually sold dancing cigarettes — successfully.

Did I say back there I had needed a “fix?”

Yeah…I did.

My conclusion?

I don’t actually have one.

Except that the world — America — and all of us in it — have indeed been “fundamentally transformed.”

Maybe forever.