89534D3D-56E6-47C1-9E75-F0711143A13FSome Readers may be missing my point: that Michale Moore is not just a hated clown.

Michael Moore shapes Narrative and Events. He creates Opinion — like any Soros, Obama, or Rachel.

And in this mad, mad world, perception of events and narrative can constitute Reality….






According to Variety (5/30/18)

…controversial documentarian Michael Moore took to his social media accounts to tease what looks to be a documentary about the sitting president. Moore posted a clip on Twitter and his website of him and Trump on [Roseanne] Barr’s 1998 talk show, where Trump congratulated him on his film about General Motors CEO Roger Smith, “Roger & Me.” “I hope you never do one on me,” Trump says about being the subject of one of his movies.

Wow. Trump said that twenty years ago? Why, right there should be enough reason for Maxine Waters’ coveted impeachment of him — and timely, by her seeming standards.

Michael Moore is a critic of whatever he doesn’t like or believe in. No surprise there, except for his vast resources and talent to create via his movies and appearances of whatever world view he chooses. Nothing inherently wrong there either. Almost any writer or creative person may strive via their work to transfer copies of their own worldview to consumers.

Some TV news anchors even get paid tens of millions of dollars, to do this — not necessarily because they have spectacular insider contacts and sources, but because they hold the “right” viewpoints and positions. And because they seemingly have an ability to convince the viewer through almost hypnotic, intrinsic sincerity and honesty. Some failed examples might be Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Keith Olbermann, Peter Arnett, Lara Logan, and others.

But, what of Michael Moore?

Michael Moore is like a TV news anchor in some ways, but in a private class. I believe Michael Moore to be one of the most underestimated, undervalued — and purposefully branded to be one of the most underfeared— operatives anywhere, in any epoch.

Born in seemingly humble, ordinary circumstances, Michael Moore, nevertheless, was powerfully connected, and had a near-meteoric rise. This seems to have been partly due to circumstances, luck, and a unique and sometimes bizarre ability to enable and merchandise himself in some of the strangest ways.

Michael Moore seems to live in a vast, satiric universe wherein he is seen by some to create his own relentless brand of a satirical, yet real, “progressive” world view.

With Michael Moore’s newest film, apparently coming out in 2018, one must marvel at his relative successes. I mean — the ideas he has? Where does he get them all?

Could it be that the Master Mouther has been “protesting,” blaring, and booing Donald Trump, since Trump’s election, for the cynical, clever, specific purpose of setting up scripted incidents and scenes Moore could thereby “document?”

Has Michael Moore been using us all — the world — as (unpaid) stand-ins and extras for his latest movie? Has he been picking the actors, writing the script, setting the scenes, and directing the shots? Could his latest movie — conceived even before the election — be a cynical setup of hand-picked viewpoints, directed actions, and purpose-built segues?

Michael Moore is a registered political Independent. See how smart that is? Who knew? It’s part of his disguise — wherein he asks for your confidence.

But is he smart enough to pull off a global movie con? Is he rich and famous enough?

Michael Moore’s personal fortune is estimated to be $50,000,000. He has had 49 film awards and 29 further nominations. He has the unmitigated, nonstop, sycophantic loyalty of a so-called, “mainstream media,” and the Academy itself — all of whom seem to just suck up his every utterance.

So, yes, I would say, Michael Moore could pull off such a global movie con.  He seems to have the connections, support, backing, resources, and skills required.

Despite his Joe America appearance — the ball cap, glasses, and working-class clothes — Michael Moore may actually be one diabolically clever and super-savvy operator.  And a liberal “progressive.”

In my surveillance notes, it says that Michael Moore “makes no false moves.” That means, to me, his every step and comment seem configured to fill his bill, brand his professional icon, advance his agenda, and effect his desires.

In other words, his whole shtick seems aimed at creating and maximizing his own view of a liberal reality he is creating via his protests, tweets, squeals, and boos. He’s setting us all up. When that particular bull he creates saunters down the road at dawn — he will ride it.

As Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”

Michael Moore seems to wear his classic Joe America disguise specifically to fool people. It’s both mask and suit to conceal his great wealth and protect him from criticism. If he went about in designer clothing and sunglasses with an entourage of beautiful people in tow, he might draw the ire of peers. That just would not fit his modus. But in his iconic role of working-class, ordinary guy, he’s got the cover he needs.

From behind very clever masking and armor, Moore seems able to reach out with impunity to surreptitiously command and direct events the way he wants them to transpire.

Does he have the public fooled? Yes, I think he does, and that they take him for an ordinary loudmouth or liberal.

Does he have the media fooled? I don’t believe they care, think, or wonder about it. He has the voice to say the things they want, and that’s what matters to their evolving agenda.

However, Michael Moore seems to me brilliantly organized and effective in a role as Dark Lord of the Myth — a myth that he is just a liberal buffoon.

He assuredly is not. He has shown an almost mystical talent in using bizarre means to get what he wants. Like the time he reportedly convinced singer-songwriter Harry Chapin to put on a benefit and turn the proceeds over to him — to Michael Moore.

Michael Moore seems to roll the dice, and then he just rolls the dice again, in a universe of satire — a simulation he creates himself to please himself. He directs events and aggression to expand and fill the mold of his apparent will to succeed in fulfillment.

Michael Moore is no fool. He is not a buffoon. He is one of the more effective operatives in this seeming, “progressive” program to fundamentally transform America.

Fear him.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg was a state-licensed east-coast private eye for 35 years.  He is an author and internet columnist. His website: Www.ConservativeRightWingNews.com