Cole Levine is An Imposing Analyst, & Social Commentator—

From an Original Photo by Cole Levine



By Cole Levine


You are in a future time, living in a dystopian nation. Books are regulated before their publication and are often censored. There are just a handful of news media stations- and they all tell the same narrative. They give ten times as much spotlight to the Government Party instead of the Freedom Party. They refuse to acknowledge any inherent bias in their coverage. Anyone who does not conform to the narrative is shunned, mocked, and isolated from the society.

If those particularly rebellious individuals are really unlucky, they will be compelled to answer for themselves on air. Yet, they are only given about ten minutes before they are cut off, and the television personality gets the final say. They give a smug laugh in contempt for a difference in opinion .

The lawmakers of the nation enjoy luxurious lives at the expense of the citizens- even though they earn way more than enough to cover their own bills. They have massive security details, and incumbents enjoy the privilege of free advertisement productions and broadcasts, as well as many other mechanisms to shut out possible replacements. As well, they exempt themselves from many of the laws they pass.

The courts are a bureaucratic nightmare. Even small trials cost enormous amounts of money because of all the unnecessary and overpaid government workers that get involved. The trials are not conducted to get right to the bottom of the truth; they are just wasteful and overextended procedures to increase the costs on both the taxpayers and parties of a lawsuit. They have dozens of different kinds of complicated motions that no ordinary citizens can possibly understand. So those citizens have to spend a year’s worth of their salaries on attorneys- even if it’s just to defend themselves. Whatever the judge says is final, and if he or she has a firm conviction, a party can be ordered to surrender up to a lifetime’s amount of wealth.

While the previously mentioned legislators enjoy large security details equipped with military-grade weapons, all regular citizens are limited to two options: a 2 round .22 caliber revolver, or a single shot .410 shotgun. These tracked weapons must be kept in a home safe….