An Earlier Version of this Prophetic article was published, in 2016.

🔔 By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


Oh, hey!


Of course, I don’t mean literally “death” to the media!.

Hahaha! No.

No, no, no.

Yeah, no: I mean like when Iran’s Ayatollah said, “Death to America.” I only mean what he later said he actually really meant: “It goes without saying that the slogan does not mean death…this slogan means death to the…policies, death to arrogance.”


Policies and arrogance.

What the hell are they, anyway? These policies?

When the cheering Democrat media says something contrived, twisted, seething with lies and hatred, and mind-control, they say they are really just trying to help you. Do something good. You know, like the Ayatollah of Iran when he says “Death to America.”

So when the media says something like this quote below, they aren’t trying to shove their own lies up your brain and create a false reality where they control your every thought—no, no, they are just reporting to you the way things are, in a smart reality; in the reality they want you to have and live by:

WALNUT CREEK (CBS SF) — New evidence shows that Campaign 2016 is having an emotional impact on people, stressing many out and, in some cases, even ruining relationships.

“The fighting and acrimonious campaigning between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has gone on for months over television airwaves and across the Internet.

“’This election is one of the nastiest ones that I’ve seen,’ said voter Randall Piona.

“’It’s like two high school kids fighting back and forth passing bad notes,’ agreed voter Antrone Bradford.”

They can distract and misinform you. They disinform you. They lie to you. They make you see—by lying or omission of truth—whatever they want you to see and believe

The fact is: the fricking media can set out to CREATE these “two high school kids fighting back and forth.” They can set out purposefully to make that false reality your reality Matrix that you live in.

In some articles your “media reporters” go door to door or elsewhere until they find someone who will give them the exact quote they are looking for to nail down their deceitful propaganda lie. They control the narrative; they control the scene; they control the script; they control the actors; they control your mind.

They can distract and misinform you. They disinform you. They lie to you. They make you see—by lying or omission of truth—whatever they want you to see and believe.

The age of true “main stream” journalism and reporting is dead and gone.

The time of Brenda Starr or the iconic, intrepid reporter, is way over. I myself watched it choke and die. It was a horrible death, like when an entrapped hernia slowly goes gangrenous and poisons the body-America.

I watched this gangrenous degeneration take root and spread its infection with the first Bill Clinton administration. I saw and knew and told myself back then that “something terrible will happen.”

And it did. It happened everywhere. All over the world. And it gets worse. Daily. All you have to do is read the headlines on a few sites. And nobody—about a third—nobody gives a crapp.

“Crapp.” Yes. The leftist news is crapp; the leftist newsmakers are crapp; the leftist, Islamist, Marxist news writers are crapp.

The Readers—some of them—are crapp. They don’t read anymore; they don’t know anything; and they don’t care. Some would call them traitors and their lives treasonous.

But only about 1/3 of the people wanted or supported the American Revolution of 1776. So there is an apparent slow rot in some of the American soul. Or in the gene pool itself, bred by kings, cities, and enforcers of their Law.

The facts are: the media do NOT want you to hear about the travesty that is Hillary Clinton. And they do NOT want you to hear what Donald Trump is actually saying.

The online list of Hillary Clinton’s reported obsessions, possible criminals acts, and deceit, lies, psychosis and violence, her total LACK of human achievement, and the wet body-count around her, should preclude her from ever running for public office, or even from sorting shirts by size on the aisle on Sale days.

Hillary Clinton has been a lifelong politician. A politician is somebody actively seeking to get elected and stay elected. That’s all. A politician typically does not lead, but some seem to somehow become a multi-millionaires while feeding at the breast of America—on your dime. On your hard-earned money, aspirations, and your hopes—on your family and your little treasures, and upon your very blood.

You are farm animals to that ilk. You are tools; you are—some of them believe—only a dumbed-down, uninformed means for their vaulting ambition and delusion. They even state this boldly in their e-mails to each other, as seen in Leaked documents.

Donald Trump, in contrast, has never harmed anyone. He has been a millionaire and an informed business person all his life, working effectively to get good things done, with all kinds of people, in the toughest city in the world. He has a record of achievement. He is a good person. NOTHING about him bad or evil that is true has been uncovered.

And, yet, the media says, no, no, no: he is evil and psychotic and unfit because he had bankruptcies and he said he liked, “pussy.” And he said ladies like having their “pussy” touched.



Oh? Wait. Let me get this straight. Women do NOT like to be touched, caressed, and Other? And Donald Trump is the only man on the planet (Earth) in all of human history who ever said such horrible things?

Bullshlt on the leftist media. Bullshlt, I say. And, again: bullshlt, you infected, pus-dripping, lying hypocrites.

And what about my own my tone and anger and use of profanity, at these rabid, mad-dog agents of the death of America?

Well, kids, to paraphrase what Obama’s Iranian partner the Ayatollah himself also said, “The slogan…is backed by reason and wisdom.”

So if I were to say, maybe, “death to the media,” I would then maybe believe it is backed up by my own wisdom and reason—in this current age of Obamanation.