Another Version of This Prophetic Story Ran Elsewhere in December, 2016.

Are we supposed to bow down to a ruling class of controlling liberals, greedy politicians, Main Fake Media, foreign soldiers, and domineering hordes of the “new brownshirts?” Private armies of the Left?


From,, Jon Rappaport:

‘Understand that these media giants not only believe they own the news, they also believe they create reality itself for the masses. They carve into the rock and unveil the sculpture. They script and direct the movie and screen it. They paint the ceiling fresco and display it. They write the novel and sell it. They produce the stage play and review it.

‘“And suddenly…they lose.

“The kings and queens of information lose.

“In their venomous hatred, they have only one option. They must discredit the election itself….”

“…And then we would have a coup.”

*And then, I’m told, they could maybe all end up living in bunkers under the hills of Virginia on top of each other.

Including Senators McCaine, and Graham,  who—as usual—seem to have already run bleating to the opposition.

Who keeps electing McCaine and Graham, anyway?

But, just WHO is the real Target of all this hysteria and fury? Trump will become President, no matter what they think they can do to block him. In a worst-scene, the House will confirm him.

And then all this anti-Trumpery—it’ll move on in a relentless campaign of slime, malign, block, and impeach Donald Trump. The new George Washington of America.

But the real target is not Trump. It’s you.

The hysteric, unhinged Main Slime Media and their Masters seem to believe think their lies and schemes and plots to ruin and defeat Trump will sway you. Some 62,000,000 adoring admirers of Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

Will it?

No, of course not!


They haven’t thought this hysteria through. They just lash out and destroy. Their goal is to fire up their dangerous, lawless hordes of media, “entertainers,” celebrities, armed gangsters, Precious Snowflakes, Marxists, criminal cartels, and Jihadists, to complete their destruction of America.

And we, the peaceful, law abiding Americans, are supposed to do what? Just sit back and watch America flooded with aliens who reportedly can’t even read or write in their own foreign language; won’t work; bleed us of money, American tradition, language, culture, and who ravage our borders and institutions?

We’re supposed to sit here and love and obey a tsunami of rape-gangs, murderers, thieves, rioters, subversives, and Jihadists who refuse to assimilate, while they scream, “Death to America?”

We’re—what—supposed to allow ourselves to be ruled by all of these? And give up America, Christopher Columbus, July 4th, the American flag, God, straight males, white “folks,” Christmas, and Christianity, “so as not to offend them”?

Are we supposed to bow down to a ruling class of mad-dog controlling liberals, greedy politicians, MainFake Media, foreign soldiers, and domineering hordes of the “new brownshirts?” So-called, ANTIFA—violent, private armies of the Left?

I don’t Think so.

I don’t think That will be happening anytime soon.

I don’t think we can be quietly stuffed back into That bottle.

I don’t think they can scare us all. I don’t think we can all be locked up. I don’t think they can come in the night to every door.

The “G.”

The Government.

Remember that guy from the Bureau of Land Management, during that confrontation with flag-carrying cowboys? EL Capitano? The one all decked out in camo, guns, and wraparounds? The tough guy who seemed maybe ready for a gunfight.

He seems part of the private armies to me. But is he—are they—implacable? Are they unfeeling? Inhuman?


I don’t think even the likes of him, and apparently similar armies of agents, police, and soldiers would back any large scale oppressors of Americans, for very long.

Not once they realize it’s their own mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, and families who are getting locked up, or taken away in the night by their own Government.

And, besides, who in their right mind would want to be ruled by the hysteric Left, now that their real face is on full display, like pus exploding from a boil on the butt-cheek of America.