By Sharyl Attkinnson

OnTuesday, I was asked to testify to Congress about a proposed bipartisan “Shield” law that would protect reporters from going to prison if they refuse to reveal their confidential sources. There are exemptions in the proposed law for instances where national security is at risk or lives are in danger. (Thank you to Congressmen Jordan, Raskin, Meadows, Palmer, Krishnamoorthi and Grothman.)

At the hearing, I was asked about the government intrusion of my computers.

CBS Confirms Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer Hacked

The testimony starts :55 minutes into the YouTube link of the hearing below. If you’re interested in the questions about the government computer intrusion, you can scroll to 1:37:30 and 1:57:45.

The Justice Department continues to use taxpayer money to fight my lawsuit against the FBI and others, rather than learning who is responsible for the improper remote intrusions into my computers.

Shield Law Hearing July 24, 2018