Texas State University is currently violating federal and state laws without consequences. Under current immigration law, universities are prohibited from providing most forms of public assistance to illegal immigrants; moreover, public schools are required to report illegal aliens to authorities- both of which Texas State University is violating by granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. In doing so, the university is not cooperating with state and federal authorities. As a campus that receives subsidization from federal income taxpayers, the university should reject all applications from illegal immigrants, begin to slowly and humanely remove these students from campus, and take a strong stance against illegal immigration- or else face a cessation of federal or state funding. Taxpayers should not be required to fund illegal actions by a public institution.

Many, if not most, American citizens understand the importance of national laws being faithfully executed and upheld. These Americans have come to appreciate the workings of a diligently crafted constitutional republic- one that separates power, enforces enacted legislation, promotes individual liberty, and protects the American people from threats within and abroad. This simple, yet wise national attitude has immeasurable value. Sometimes, however, the public institutions that we are obligated to fund with our taxes do not respect the law of the land. Texas State University is one of these institutions.

According to Ralph Kasarda, universities give in-state tuition to illegal aliens in ten states: Texas, New Mexico, California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Utah, and Washington. Given that illegal immigrants are prohibited from seeking employment, even if they graduate college, this abuse of taxpayer funds is misleading and troubling. Furthermore, The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 states that illegal aliens shall not receive postsecondary education entitlements unless they are extended to U.S. citizens without regards to residence.

In response to student fliers encouraging students to report illegal immigrants to authorities, Denise Trauth, president of Texas State University, released the following statement almost immediately: