By Ray Starmann, US Defense Watch


It sure as heck ain’t your grandfather’s military anymore; nor is it your father’s or your uncle’s. It’s not even your older brother’s military anymore.

Whose military is it now – Kirsten Gillibrand’s, the LGBT mafia, soccer moms, Obama-worshipping fools, cultural Marxists and walking, talking, clueless cannon fodder.

Our military is focused on just about everything except preparing for war and for war against enemies who are going to be bringing navies, armies and air forces to the fight; enemies like the Chinese, the North Koreans and the Russkies; enemies who are not insurgents in the Middle East.

The Chinese are building hypersonic missiles and super carriers. What’s our focus – closing our eyes while Mary Jane is given her 200th chance to pass a patrol at Camp Diversity, aka Ranger School, while at Camp Murray, the ‘Sergeant Major’ rejoices at the fact that the new Mamava lactation station has a Bose sound system.

The military has become nothing more than some kind of fantasy playground for wacko leftists, feminists and low testosterone candyasses, while providing a welfare state to people who care less about service to their country, but more about paid maternity leave, pensions, Tricare and reporting their commander to the Zampolit Diversity Officer.

What you are about to read should alarm any American. Our national security is in jeopardy and it appears that no one is prepared to do anything about it.

The attitude in the Pentagon is pray that we never go to war against a serious enemy because truth be told, our PC armed forces can’t fight their way out of wet lister bag. Even worse, those leading them are undoubtedly the worst generation of senior officers this nation has ever fielded. The nation’s senior military leaders may have rows of fruit salad, they may have multiple degrees and some may even have served multiple combat tours. But, because they are either America last globalists or simply gutless wonders lacking professional courage, they have allowed our military to be destroyed by a Maoist Cultural Revolution that continues to this day.

The following is a list of the last six months’ worth of policies, events and situations that have occurred in the US military:

All can be confirmed online, either at US Defense Watch or at other news outlets….

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