By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


I used to subscribe to Netflix. But it took hours of sampling their offerings and productions – – searching – – before I could find anything to try and watch. And then I rarely finished watching it anyway. Although many movies and TV shows had Five- (5) Star “rave” reviews, they all seemed to stink anyway.

Or they were so sick – – so full of violence, guns, blood, random sex, drugs, bad cops, and loud rap – – you know, today’s hipsterism – – that I was unable to stand it. I almost invariably had to shut the TV off about a quarter of the way through a production.

Almost none of these very highly rated products – – more like “manufacturings,” seemed to have even basically or minimally good story, plot, structure, acting, or dialogue.

What they all seemed to have in common, however, was violence, blood, guns, random sex, naked women, action, cg – – and apparently salability to Netflix.

There was nothing among them like the great mythic films we grew up with in the 1940s, 50s, 60’s, and 1970s. Like: Angels With Dirty Faces, Public Enemy, Casablanca, To Have and Have Not, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, Invaders From Mars, The Ten Commandments, The French Connection—and so on.

These films were made from timeless mythology—a mythology not seen again until Star Wars I. And not seen since.

Anyway, it had mostly stopped around the time Rosemary’s Baby came out, in 1968. With her sickoid horror story she “fundamentally transformed” motherhood, babies, love, marriage, American living, and the direction of film—for the worse.

So, anyway, I got rid of Netflix – – dumped it – – and traded it for Amazon Prime.

For about the same money, Amazon Prime gave me shopping, free delivery, free music, free TV, and other stuff – – like free Kindle E-Books. It seemed like a good deal.

However, I again found myself only able to watch maybe 1% of what was offered on TV. And out of that I probably shut down 90% of it – – unable to finish watching.

The free Kindle books seemed to be garbage. I didn’t want to read any of them. And if I started, I never seemed to finish, it was all trite, and bad.

However, I found the same dumb five star (5) “reviews.” Since this proffered movie and literary refuse seems so popular, I conclude that today’s audience has been specifically trained to buy it. Which is why they spend money on junk like Miley, Kim, Michael Moore, books by Hillary Clinton, and their ilk, and why they buy so much rap and other “music.”

And why they clamor for communism.

It’s because they have been made stupid. Millennials seem plain dumb. It seems to have been inculcated by the schools, and their Marxist, totalitarian NEA and komisars—their liberal, “school administrators, and educators.”

For instance, I recall attending a graduation, where the Head Cheese Administrator gave a commencement speech on the economic, medical, and social glories of Communist Cuba. And this was already 15 years ago.

So the schools have had plenty of time to brainwash kids and turn them into good socialists, Marxists, and attentive commies. Millennials.

Oh…and if you dare criticize one of their beloved five star, TV or movie productions, or games, or celebrities, anything they like, they will swarm and attack you in a pack.

This is what they have been trained to do: it’s the mob mentality of “We.” As in “we are more powerful together”- – than as individuals.

You know – – “it takes a village.” Old African saying. And look how that worked out.

You see: the West – – life, liberty, happiness, rugged individualism, imagination, creativity, and the life-lessons of ancient mythology – – they are all dead.

Where once logic, practical example, reasoning, and mythology helped serve to demonstrate how to live, or how one should act or spend their life, now we are given the precepts, laws, and rules of socialism, political correctness – – and care of the whales.

Logic, Truth, Justice and the American Way – – patriotic history, and practicality – – are simply not taught or even favored in schools anymore.

Instead, unimportant distractions like music of the Bushman, Peruvian nose flutes, the art and wisdom of Robert Maplethorpe, and “conflict resolution,” flood unformed minds with liberal dogma – – and with the new religions of socialism, environmentalism, and anti-Americanism.

This is why students hide and “shelter in place,” when killers come around. They have no pragmatic life-training.

”Shelter in place.” Who makes this stuff up?

In my opinion, America the Beautiful, as we knew it – – before it was “fundamentally transformed” – – is most likely already gone.

Socialism and dumbocrasy seem, both, merely waiting to step in and take charge. It’s likely just a question of time. Soon, I think.

And then, it will come to be, that almost 250 years of American progress, development, freedom, imagination, creativity – – blood, battles, sweat, and tears – – will have been wasted. It will be untaught, unremembered, removed, dislocated, and over. Down the drain.

And nothing could bring it back. Not until American Socialism takes its turn, destroys America and the individual, in favor of the collective, and runs it’s course like the deadly viral disease it has always been.