Liberal hate is remorselessly bent upon world domination—of you.


Alex Jones,
Alex Jones,

This, from, Jon Rappoport,
“When several big-tech companies remove a person from their platforms in a 12-hour period, which is what happened to Alex Jones, you need to ask:

“Where are the specific violations Jones is charged with?

“Where is the bill of particulars against him?

“Where is the “hate speech” he is accused of spewing to his audience?

“What definition (if any) of hate speech is being used as a measuring stick?

“Asking those questions, you come up very short on answers.

“Jones is being made into a SYMBOL of a hater by social media and the mainstream press—and when THAT is the objective, the whole idea is to avoid specifics and just smear the target with a very broad and general brush.

“‘Hate speech’ is replacing the 1st Amendment as a standard of judgment. The question now is: did you express hate toward someone? Rather than: did you commit slander or libel?

“Did you utter something that could offend and might disturb a victim or victim-group? Yes? YOU’RE BANNED. CENSORED. Of course, social media giants decide what constitutes hate and who is designated a victim-group with “protected status.”

“The term ‘hate speech’ is very elastic. Its definition can be changed on a moment’s notice.”

As I view this scheme, the object here is to:

1.) isolate a prominent target.

2.) censor it.

3.) destroy it.

4.) redefine it into a new, very broad paradigm

5.) extend the entire package out to obliterate other prime targets standing in the way of ultimate Leftist Power.

“Ultimate Leftist Power.” That would mean liberal, “progressive,” socialist, Marxist Power.

That is to say: unchallengeable rule by a chosen elite over Earth and its inhabitants—down to the last subatomic particle. A union of technocrat “Experts on Everything,” including the perfection of Humankind.

This all powerful Instrumentality of Earth would be conceived, run, and overseen by a chosen elite—as they view themselves—the infallible Übermenschen.

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THINK: this means an Earth ruled by superior “folks” like, Barack Hussein Obama, Ayatollah Kameini, Alphonse Sharpton, Nicolás Maduro, Señor Soros, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Larry Page (Google), and other prominent socialist experts in life, liberty, and the pursuit of…well…just everything.

Because if they have the power to take-down an Alex Jones—and if then they extend that same process of identifying and banning such “hate speech” and “haters” outward onto other Conservative forces who oppose them—well, then, there would be no stopping them. Ever.

Because, if they are allowed, they will have ultimately co-opted all the power and public approval they need to ban anything they want.

And to make themselves the final arbiters of EVERYTHING.

“Hate speech” would be whatever they said it was. A “hater” could be anybody they pointed at.

Their loon base would praise them, and so would their pet MSM—the only media permitted. And entertainers and celebrities and ranking powers and foreign socialist and Muslim countries would rejoice in the streets—because America and anything American would have been utterly destroyed.

This entire, 24/7, Planetary Machine would bow down and serve the usurpers. The swaggering stagers of this world-wide Coup D’etat. This blow against the state. Against America. The machine, the instrumentality, would back its emerging New World Order—its One Planet With No Borders—to the death.

Because that is how desperate “they” are to enslave you.



And the deluded, drugged, pacified public—with its militant, Marxist entertainers, gays, blacks, Mexicans (“Fvck Your Deportation”), Muslims, and kneeling athletes—the pliable, poor, dumbass public would roll along for the view and proffered, free “benefits.”

They—the elite “progressives,” are unable to help themselves or to stop. They cannot back away from forcing you into their constricting mold of what they want you to be. They can’t be reasoned with, or persuaded, or intimidated. And they will never, ever, stop, until either they or their opponents are in compliance, or dead.

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They are driven to “perfect” you. If there’s something they don’t like—like, say, red meat—it’s not enough for themselves not to eat red meat. No—they are driven to ban the consumption of all red meat.

This herd compliance comes from over 10,000 years of breeding. It comes from subservience to cities, kings, rulers, and enforcers. There was only one way to serve the State. They have been bred to it—like farm animals.

The elite are driven to rule you. A double whammy makes it impossible at the deepest grassroots of their control to even question “correct,” liberal procedure.

This from writer Robert Klein Engler, in
“In the words of one Chicago alderman, who turned away a young man who was from outside the ward and wanted to help, ‘We don’t want nobody who nobody sent.’”


What Conservatives need to realize, is that the Golden Age of “reaching across the aisle” and polite chit-chat is gone. There is no Hubert Humphrey. There is no Eugene McCarthy. Reason, order and the “loyal opposition” are dead.

There is no more: “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.” That old political peace slogan, and those days of “reason” are over and gone.

Because, Liberals—they are out for blood, obliteration, and victory.

To quote a prophetic “Reporter, Ned Scott,” in The Thing From Another World (1951):

“Everyone of you listening to my voice, tell the world. Tell this to everybody, wherever they are.”


If you maybe are unable at this time to openly defend Truth, Justice, and the American Way—at least tell somebody what you read here.