Jack Dorsey (right) thinks he’s theb star of Ex Machina, Oscar Isaac (left).


Sometimes I think all the hand-wringing about some sort of online “war on conservatives” is silly. Sure, dude, maybe nobody is paying attention to your brilliant tweets because you’ve been shadowbanned. Perhaps Twitter’s “Trust & Safety Council” really is keeping you from reaching the audience you deserve. Or maybe you’re just boring and kind of dumb? I tend to be skeptical of these complaints, but it’s possible that there really is an ongoing conspiracy to silence half the country. I have to admit, it would explain why I keep getting suspended from Twitter for no good reason. Maybe Twitter really is out to get conservatives, even us RINO cuck #NeverTrump traitors who probably love Hillary.

Just yesterday, I got locked out of my main Twitter account (@jtLOL) for 12 hours: