The story of the jihadist training compound in New Mexico takes yet another weird turn today, as federal authorities removed the partially buried trailer, bulldozed a portion of the compound in the process, and yet left key evidence including: ammunition, a bullet proof vest, birth certificates and notebooks, laying around. WATCH THIS VIDEO

This happens on the same day when the child’s corpse discovered within one of the terrorist tunnels was positively identified as the partially decomposed remains of 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, the son of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, who is alleged to have kidnapped the boy from Georgia in December.

Human remains found at a New Mexico compound in a raid that resulted in several arrests earlier this month have been identified as that of a missing as the son of one of the people taken into custody. (read more)

The property owner and even local media covering the story are perplexed by the sketchy and haphazard investigative activity of federal authorities charged with investigating the events.  This follows earlier local reports of the feds clearing the compound, only to have the property owner discover tunnels, weapons and ammunition overlooked by the FBI.

What the heck is going on in New Mexico?