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John Brennan: Give It a Rest Already

John Brennan’s security clearance has finally been revoked.  Now he is playing the victim card, but per usual, there is more than meets the eye.  American Thinker interviewed a number of former CIA directors while Obama was president.  Although they may have vehemently disagreed with policy, they did it in a civil manner, without the disgusting hyperbolic language and name-calling.  Brennan should take his own words and reflect upon them.

The argument by a former CIA operative: “Traditionally, since 1947, former directors have kept their security clearances with the idea that the seniors could provide advice, counsel, and become red teams for the current director.  The benefit comes with the different perspectives as they sit in a room together offering a diversity of opinions about any strategic issues.  The only way they could have these conversations is having their clearance maintained.”

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