According to WSB-TV, court documents show the suspects sought to target Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, in addition to law enforcement and “specific targets such as teachers, schools, banks” and other American institutions. Additionally, the documents reveal that the “extremist Muslims” at the compound talked “about dying in Jihad,” while children admitted to receiving “advanced” firearms training and instructions to target law enforcement personnel “when the time came.”

Horrific, made even worse by law enforcement who rushed to destroy the Islamic compound just days after the kidnapping and murder made national news. They destroyed evidence, despise the fact that the the investigation was new and ongoing. New charges were filed against the devout (“extremist”) Muslims. For years, the FBI and local law enforcement did nothing about this jihad compound, despite tips and numerous calls from concerned citizens. It took the murder of a child to get them to pay attention. What is the first thing they do after it is discovered a child was murdered on the compound and several starved to almost certain death? They destroy the compound to cover up both their negligence and what happened there.

News of what happened there was embarrassing to the Muslim community in the U.S., and making Islam look good seems to be the top priority of law enforcement officials. It’s sharia compliance in New Mexico….