The establishment media takes for granted that there is a rise of “anti-Muslim activity” in the US, and this story is one of many that assume that, but it’s necessary to call out the lie whenever possible anyway.

There are no examples given of the “marked increase in anti-Muslim activity,” and FBI figures show that hate crimes against Jews are much more common than hate crimes against Muslims.

But Muslim groups and Leftist groups in the US both find it useful to claim that Muslims are experiencing a wave of discrimination, harassment, and persecution in the US.

This claim helps them demonize Trump and his attempt to limit immigration from jihadi hotspots, and to cast counterterror efforts in general in a bad light, because, you see, they create “hate” against Muslims. Just stay quiet and you’ll be okay.


As anti-Islam activity rises, campaign aims to boost voter turnout among Muslim-Americans,” by Aaron Schrank, Southern California Public Radio, August 27, 2018:

More than 100 people gathered at the Middle Ground Muslim Center in Upland Friday as part of National Muslim Voter Registration Day, a campaign that aims to boost Muslim-American turnout in the November midterm elections.

The day of registration is part of a broader effort to increase civic engagement among Muslims and follows in the wake of a marked increase in anti-Muslim activity, coinciding with President Trump’s campaign and post-election rhetoric and terrorist events in the U.S. and abroad….