I have a different take on “democrats take back the house.”

I call it, “An election of expected collateral damage – looking to the future.”



We need to go back a ways to remember the RINO House members who either resigned or decided not to run for reelection. Since they, “Couldn’t work with President Trump,”I believe the figure here was around 40 members who are now gone.

This housecleaning, even though it gave the democrats an opening to take back the House, was a good thing and bodes well for the future.

The democrats only picked up about 35 seats, low for a midterm. By comparison, Obama lost 63 seats in his first term midterms.

The “Experts” had stated that the democrats would pick up at least 10 governorships, but they picked up 3.

The Repubs gained in the Senate from 51 to 54 with, I believe, Florida too close to call if Scott wins, 55.

Do not forget, RINO senators are also gone…McCain, Corker, Flake, etc.

The “Gain” for the democrats in this midterm is historically low. The majority of Trump backed candidates, won. Every candidate campaigned for by Obama lost.

Gillum in Florida and Abrams in Georgia (apparently) lost despite Obama, Oprah, Hollywood types, lots of money and the corrupt media working on their behalf.

I feel very positive. Trump now controls the party, and kept losses to a minimum. All I can add now is, the democrats will not be running Trump.

Democrats and the corrupt media said Trump would never win the nomination. Then, that he would never defeat Hillary.

They still don’t understand who they are dealing with.They will continue to underestimate Trump at their peril.

Continue to MAGA, and worry not. The asylum known as the media has apparently already named their hand-picked choices to challenge President Trump in 2020: Robert O’Rourke and/or Andrew Gillum.

Two losers.



ERIC MANHEY is a freelance analyst and writer. He lives in Idaho with his five brothers and a feral dog pack. A mountain man, Eric has served his Country in the Armed Forces.