Two Muslim Women Were Elected?

I wonder if they’ll start a Muslim Caucus, or just join their fellow anti-Semites in the so-called, Black Caucus.

 Is there a White Caucus?

 Will they hang that historical picture of Hitler with the Muslim Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in their offices?  Will they take their “oath of office” on the Koran, or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? 


 Anyway, when they appear in the House wearing the hijab they will surely get a “Standing O.”

 I wonder…will they be hawking a Congressional trip to Auschwitz?  As a souvenir, every attendee could get a tiny boxcar paperweight for their desk and a small vial of  Zyklon B. 

Ain’t diversity wonderful?  Wonder if they’ll invite Louey Farrakhan to be their guest at the next State of the Union?