Watched a wonderful Presidential Press Conference a few days ago.  Probing questions from the press and excellent answers from the President.  Not enough space to print the answers, but I do remember some of the questions:



Jim Acosta, CNN

“Mr. President.  With the economy soaring, historic high employment and historically low unemployment, consumer confidence at an all time high, what do you project for 2019?

“Mr. President.  With Isis defeated, North Korea no longer testing nuclear weapons and firing rockets over the Sea of Japan, successful trade negotiations with Mexico Canada and the European Union, what is your planning to springboard off these successes for the future?

“Mr. President.  To follow up my the last question.  You will be traveling to Paris and will be meeting with world leaders. What are your expectations here?  You already have NATO countries in line and paying their pledged amounts.  You have convinced Angela Mekel to purchase energy from the United States and not Russia.  You have seen Austria, Poland, Hungary, Italy elect Nationalist leaders in your mold as opposed to the globalist ‘Leaders’ who take their orders from Brussels.  Are we seeing the breakup o the EU an would this be a good thing for the United States and the world?

“Mr. President.  There was a historic election held in Brazil.  President elect Bolsonaro has been called, “The Trump of South America. His first act as President was to move the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  We have seen pictures of his grown sons proudly wearing Mossad and IDF T-shirts.  President Bolsonaro received complaints from Muslim countries and Muslims living in Brazil.  President Bolsonaro told them, in essence, ‘Go pound sand.’ 

“Mr. President, do you think that now Brazil will once again become an economic powerhouse, the ‘Bolsonaro effect’ will spread to other Latin American Countries and are you as anxious to meet him as he is you?

“Mr. President.  Do you….

…what?   Where?  My alarm is ringing?   Oh my.  I must have dreamed the whole thing.