Past American Presidents knew that rebellion—if not addressed—breeds more rebellion, until at some point a nation slides into chaos. 

There are currently several US States contemplating rebellion against the federal government over a variety of issues, and if “sanctuary city” entities get away with this, then why not the rest of the states? 

This has happened before.

In 1794 whiskey producers on the western frontier, rebelled against the Federal Government’s right to levy taxes. When tax collectors tried to collect taxes they were beaten up and sent away. 

The dilemma President George Washington faced at that time was this: “Do we have a federal government or don’t we?”

Washington personally led 13000 troops into the western region and arrested the ringleaders. Two were sentenced to death for treason, which Washington later pardoned. The point was made that federal law takes precedence over state law.

In 1857 President James Buchanan once again used troops in the Mormon rebellion, and of course President Lincoln and the US Civil War are prominent in American history.  

My point is, today’s so-called, sanctuary states and cities seem to be in the same condition of rebellion as earlier rebellions. And they do indeed threaten the safety and security of America. 

It is unknown how many criminals, terrorists, weapons, chemical, biological, and even nuclear have maybe been smuggled across the border and are hiding in these same sanctuary cities and states protected by local law. Are they waiting to be turned loose? 

Just as previous presidents met rebellion head on, so we need to continue a similar, bold policy. Arresting the leaders in those states and cities should be seriously considered. They seem to me a definite threat to America.

Illegal immigration is a definite threat to America. And such illegal activity is supported by the Democratic party. We can not ignore unchecked “immigration” or the Democrats.

Illegal aliens might be desirable to employers where illegal techniques and inferior products are used on a construction project. The disposition of toxic materials in an illegal manner can be better done with illegals. This poses a much bigger threat than most realize. For instance, with packing plants and feedlots, you may not want to know what is in that hamburger they are making. 

It is not just our southern border that is a problem. The Muslim population is growing in Canada and many of these people are moving into the U.S. It seems to me maybe we did not learn much about militant Islam from 911. 

Our current immigration policy is suicide. The more the illegal population grows the more power they will have. They may use that power to ends not in our interest.

Congress could stop much of this. I say: deny all benefits to illegals, and fine and jail their illicit employers. But none in congress will address the problem. There is only one person in the American legislative body that cares and is trying to do something. 

President Trump is carrying the entire load alone. It is important that those who voted him in office speak up and speak loudly.  Silence gives consent.

It seems to me the Democrat party is the new Whiskey Rebellion, and this question needs to be answered again, and decisively, and quickly:

“Do we have a country or don’t we?”