EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Gulf Cartel Taunts Trump with Caricature on Dope Load


WATCH: Cartel Gunman Throws Grenades at U.S. Consulate in Mexico



Those are news headlines.

…and nobody can figure out how to react to incidents like these?

Nobody knows what to do? Because, I don’t see anybody doing it. Reacting. Do you?

America has become just another “shit-hole” country for the world to wipe its feet. The United Nations, the European Union, foreign trillionaires, billionaires, and other similar criminal cartels. They all laugh and toss cow-patties. America scorned—weak man of Earth, never feared.

America and Trump are whipping boys of the international elite. The virtue-signaling internationalist corporations, kneeling athletes, politicians, Democrats, Communists, and other anti-America jihadists.

Oh…by the way—and WHO—dare I ask—who exactly is it, that CONSUMES and uses all these imported drugs? Is it the Amish? Netanyahu, Trump, US Marine drill sergeants, patriotic Americans?

Nooooo, of course not!

It is primarily the Left and Leftist criminals who are smoking and using these smuggled drugs. The Left, crapping on America; the left flooding criminal cartels with money; the Left protecting illegals, MS-13, Crips, Bloods, criminal gangs in Chicago, and 33,000 other gangs—with close to 2M violent gang members nationally.

Kids—it’s the Left who’s bribing the vote-lusting, US politicians. Convicted, criminal Leftists are even having their lost, voter rights restored by…the LEFT.

This ain’t about no stinking wall.

This is about STOPPING it. All. Permanently. But, it seems nobody can figure out how to do that. Make it stop. Nobody in all of History could ever figure that one out. Nope. Not the Romans, the Mongols, the National Socialist Party, nor even Stalin, or Castro?

What to do?

But—look—let me go way overboard here, way out on a limb, and do something unapproved; radical; creative; imaginative; “un-Presidential.”

Let me ask YOU—you who serve, pay taxes, live, and then die. You who have a greater problem and greater stake than any millionaire politician in fricking Washington DC.

Let me ask you a question that has answers apparently requiring untold genius beyond the grasp of any USA politician:

How would you handle it? How would you stop them and make them never come back again?


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