Like the horror classic called, “A Portrait Of Dorian Gray,” current photos of Stephen King seem to reveal a more and more frightful person. If his hair were a little longer he could look terrifyingly like somebody’s granny.

Actually, he maybe looks more like a chimp.

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A lot of the things King says, seem as dumb to me as any chimp might say; if chimps could talk.

Especially when this overinflated writer of horror, neuroses, and mental illness bloviates on political topics, his utter ignorance rises like a giant sac of hot air.

We see hot air balloons a lot here in New Mexico. Hot air ballons are as common as pigeons. We also have a lot of pigeons. These birds like to crap all over where they sit, sleep, and eat.


Stephen King’s opinions and pronouncements seem like that. Dumb pigeons always return to their dirty roost, even though they get picked off one-by-one by hawks, falcons, and owls.

It strikes me Stephen King is just an old, ugly, pigeon bird-brain, who keeps returning to the same dirty roost, over and over. One might think he’d figure out by now that nobody cares what he says about Donald Trump from his crap-splattered perch. And that the only reason he has a place to squat is because of the blood and blowjob in “Carrie.”

Kids, the movie was way better than the book.

I mean—King was rejected like a zillion times by book editors, until somebody started making movies that were better than his books. Then he apparently noticed he could sell made-up bull-crap stories about mentally ill characters.

This is maybe why he can’t seem to get a handle on Trump. Because Trump is Not mentally ill, or demonic, as are some of King’s fictitious creations.

The difference is this: although King seems to have some kind of closeup, first-hand knowledge of mental illness and its demons, Trump is not in that category.

President Donald Trump is a stable, non-drinking, non-smoking, genius with a talent for politics and saving Earth and America.

Whereas, King, his enablers in the twisted media, and those like him—or those susceptible to his portrayals of mental disease—they seem more interested in destroying the world, along with Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Let’s not forget—King was nearly killed by a car, got banged up with head lacerations and injuries, and had five operations in a ten day span.


But, hey—Stephen King can say whatever he wants—right up there with Streisand, Reiner, Di Nero, Waters, and other, make-believe cartoon characters.

I mean—it’s a Free Country.




Conservative, Political, Supernatural, Assorted THRILLER BOOKS—by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, author of this article.

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