Breitbart: Media and Hollywood leftists predictably reacted in horror after President Donald Trump signed several Make America Great Again campaign hats owned by members of the military.

Trump made a surprise trip to visit the troops in Iraq and Germany on Wednesday, spending time greeting the troops, snapping selfies, and giving autographs. Some of them brought Trump their MAGA hats for the president to sign.

“Just awful,” wrote actress Mia Farrow on Twitter in response to the news.

Mia Farrow???”


Mia Freaking Farrow?

Who the hell cares? I mean—who the hell freaking cares what any of these Hollywood Hasbeens say or even think? Drugs, disease, law suits, and police—just, PLEASE take them away, awready!

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Hollywood and other anti-Trump simpletons aren’t important, but they are. Because in this demented Era of Mania and Idiocy, lots of “Americans” listen to and obey them. Morons Walk Among Us—creatures of the nightly broadcast.

LIBERALS. You have to understand them:

Listen and understand. That Liberal is out there. It can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead. (Adapted, “The Terminator,” 1984.)

The scope and force of vast propagandist schemes arrayed against Donald Trump exceed those of the old totalitarian Soviet, and National Socialist Party (NAZIS), combined. They exist to dissect and demean, disparage, and condemn everything President Trump might do, say, or even think—often before he makes a single move.

These same forces act without input of logic, thought, or love for American values or Americans. They raise the illegal above legal; the perverse above sanity; feelings above reality; drugs and murder above stability. They exist to destroy American values and tradition, Donald H. Trump, and America itself.

Their goal is a world without individuals, countries, borders, nationalities, imagination, or creativity—to be ruled whimsically by Them and their Elite, foreign billionaire Masters.

President Trump is clearly doing a magnificent job of managing the world, but is hindered at every step by Liberals, their hand-shopped judges, media lap-dogs, and swarms of Democrat rats who pounce at every chance. Where Trump’s poll numbers should be way higher, they are not, due to damaging, lying tactics of the Left.

What can be done about this? And about Them? “Kill them all?” No. “Round them up?” No. “Let the Revolution begin?” No.

For a start, what you can do, is to actually DO something. Stand up. Be heard. Be fearless. Say something, write something—react. Do it hard and loud and in the clear, and don’t bother being polite. The era of polite discourse ended with Bill Clinton in 1993. “The fourth stooge,” George W. Bush, taught the media they could say and do anything they wanted—pee on him—and he would never fight back.

Donald Trump fights back. He does not just sit there and “look Presidential.” Like any NORMAL person, he fights back when he can. For too long, the so-called, “President Of The United States” has been a whipping post for the so-called, Media.

Hiding behind protections of the First Ammendment—freedom of the press—the media rather developed a Freedom To Oppress.

They seem to think THEY are actually in charge of making policy. And for way too long—they were in charge. When there were only three national TV news networks, they told us what they wanted us to know. They shaped and molded our thinking. They pushed us in the direction they and their Masters allowed us to go. And practically all other, pre-Internet media followed them and their totalitarian propaganda.

Now things are different. We have a more life-like media on the Internet. We have Trump. These are the ONLY things standing between us and Them.




These blessings.

Some might whine, “Thomas Paine, where are you?”

But, Thomas Paine is right here, inside you. Stand up, speak out—Do something real. Merely making armchair “Comments” or snide remarks to politely written blog articles is not enough. No, that will Not cut it. Be loud, be fearless, be tough. Be ready.

Save America, Trump, and your selves.


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