[Socialist Bastard] Pope Francis criticises nationalism and suggests people should embrace diversity


Pope Francis gestures as he speaks with journalists on the flight back from Istanbul to Rome

Pope to Europe: Drop dead. Diversity: a euphemism for jihad, sharia and the destruction of Judeo-Christian mores and traditions. If “diversity is our strength,” as he is in effect saying here, and defending Europe is “sowing hate,” as he has said in the past, then before too long it will no longer be Europe, but another Muslim land. That appears to be what this Pope wants. Why was Benedict XVI forced out, and by whom?

Pope Francis is the most pro-Islamic, subjugated Pope in modern history. Yet they still threaten to kill him, which is further proof that submission and accommodation to Islam is perceived as weakness and gives way to more demands, more conquest, more attacks in the cause of Islam.

This Pope is a disgrace. He is selling out his people, condemning them to futures of unimaginable misery.

“Pope Francis criticises nationalism and suggests people should embrace diversity,” Voice of Europe, December 25, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

In his traditional Christmas speech, Pope Francis criticised nationalism and called cultural differences a “source of richness”.

Speaking about increasing nationalism in the Western world as a result of migration from North Africa and the Middle East the spiritual leader said:

“Our differences are not a detriment or a danger; they are a source of richness. As when an artist is about to make a mosaic: it is better to have tiles of many colours available, rather than just a few,” the Pope told a large audience in the Vatican.

“The experience of families teaches us this,” he said, “as brothers and sisters, we are all different from each other. We do not always agree, but there is an unbreakable bond uniting us, and the love of our parents helps us to love one another,” he added….