It should be obvious to every American by now that our progressive left does not have the best interest of Americans at heart.  Quite the opposite.  They loathe those of us who put Trump in the White House and are determined to punish us.

They intend to raise our taxes to pay for the $100B illegal aliens cost us every year.  They need open borders to import future voters; millions of illegals voted in the 2018 election thanks to motor voter bills and states’ refusal to require voter ID.

The Democrats know they cannot win without cheating.  They cheated in 2016 and are still stunned that their carefully calculated strategy did not work – thus, the cover-up, AKA the Mueller investigation, of their many crimes committed over the Obama years, many at the direction of Hillary Clinton with Obama’s knowledge and approval.  Our once most revered institutions, the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA, have been thoroughly corrupted.  Mueller, a willing participant in that corruption, is up to his eyeballs in the cover-up.

Will any of these people at the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA, ever be held accountable?  To date, they have not been.  The power they have within the Deep State is beyond formidable; it is…absolute….

…The Democratic Party of today is an abomination.  The assault on our constitutional republic began with Woodrow Wilson, and their long-range plan to overhaul what the Founders built is still operational.  The left has nothing but contempt for ordinary Americans, especially those who voted for Trump.

Leftists are dangerous when challenged, like a pack of jackals dismembering its prey.  They need to be defeated, indicted, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned.  They are a scourge on the nation as founded.  They do not love this country; they seek to destroy all that was and is good within it.



Democrat leadership hypocrites of today, and their tarnished icons—their stage props—of yesteryear, seem to care only about self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, self-enrichment, and holding seats of power at the Party banquet.

They had previously hidden this behind attractive masks, for a hundred years or more, but now they allow real faces to emerge.

They had employed every dirty, lying, contrived trick, to bring about a Final Victory. And that victory is now within their grasp, thanks to a weakened, cowardly American public.  Trained to docility and forebearance by its heros in media, entertainment, athletics, politics, and wherever else their diseases may have festered, America as we knew her, is collapsing.

The Democrat Party, today, is putrified and struggling, stuck between socialist and Communist. But they will work that through. There’s little question das Partie is totalitarian and violent in nature. This is easily evidenced by its handmaidens in so-called, “ANTIFA,” and “Occupy,” in the “media,” and in their own general ranks.

Legions of brainwashed Leftists throughout America are prepared to follow orders. They are already primed by hatred and propaganda, to explode and attack conservatives in places of employment, shops, restaurants, malls, the street, driveways, and even in the home.

It doesn’t matter to a Leftist, where, because their goals—to them—supercede any method of getting there. The ending justifies the way they get to that ending. Anything—and I mean, “anything,” they do or say, goes. Anything at all.

If they could put you in orange jumpsuits and prison, or ship you away to camps in rail cars, or kill you and exterminate you as a political competitor—they would.

Not only are they importing millions of  illegals and setting them up over you—over and above Americans—with zillions more in welfare and benefits—but they are also hiring them as police, lawyers, soldiers, health workers, and food truckers. They are even giving them the “right” to vote as often as possible. As long as it’s votes for Democrats.

I believe I foresee a time when foreign-born trigger-men from beyond the southern and northern borders of America will overwhelm and overrun those borders, and serve as  Armed Forces of the Left.

Poor and hungry men and women will consider it a blessing to be hired. They will be glad to obey new Masters. They will be more inclined  to pull the trigger, drop the bomb, and fly the gunships. They will likely be willing enough to go where they are sent, round up what they are pointed at, and kill whoever—in the Left’s view—needs killing.

If you think none of this repression will apply to you, then welcome to Never-Never Land.

The Left wants ALL of you, not just “conservatives.”

It wants You to be a functioning cog in their borderless, homeless, non-functional One World. You will be deconstructed and submerged. You will be of the Collective, by the Collective, and only for the Collective.

As an Individual, born with humanity, imagination, and creativity—you will not exist.

You will be permitted none. You will be a tiny cog in a Leftist One World; no better, no richer, no more successful than the lowest of the lowest.

An old-time Democrat once capitalstically said, “The rising tide lifts all the boats,” meaning he would try to raise everyone up. That was John F. Kennedy, who today would be vilified and persecuted by Democrats everywhere for having said that.

Because today’s Democrat is really a Marxist socialist—a Stalinist—who does not seek to raise the low up higher. No. He seeks to bring EVERYbody down to the lowest common level.

He, she, or whatever, seeks to make us all equally low; equally poor; equally homeless; equally dependent upon Them for survival.

Equally Ruled by Them.

Ruled by an iron-fisted Elite—ruled from their dachas in the forests, vacation homes in foreign lands, mansions by the sea, beach houses, yachts, their hidden redoubts high up in breezy mountains—ruled from anywhere the Elite lives in freedom and splendor.

While you rot in servitude, and “equal,” world-wide poverty.

Because socialism, Marxism, communism, and communes have never, ever worked. Not anywhere on Earth, Not at any time, or in any epoch. They always fail.

And, yet, the idea remains eternally attractive. As do the faces and manner of those eternal, delusional, violent, Driven proponents of the deadly armies of the Left. Its deadly legacy.

DRIVEN, are the One World soldiers who always push their Grand System upon us. Who always try to yoke us to their Great Wheel.

Americans: stay alert; be ready.

Don’t go with strangers; they do not belong in America.

Let them have their deadly legacy.

But don’t go in.


Conservative, Political, Supernatural, Assorted THRILLER BOOKS—by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, author of this article.

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