Does the term “Liar” apply to those in the flailing Democrat Leadership? Those who seem to just spew for effect whatever negatives they want to say about President Trump, Conservatism, and You?

About us?

I mean, they say a lot of crazed-sounding things; like Trump killed Christ; like “illegals” are “good for America;” like Trump triggers witches ( who the hell CARES ); and, like when they rant, “walls don’t work.”

Frequently when President Trump says something, the media follow his statements with three words: “with no evidence.” For example: He says there are criminals and terrorists in the caravan and they say that he has no evidence, even though there is plenty of evidence from government agencies.

Yet when Democrats frequently say walls don’t work, I never see the words “with no evidence” following the statement.  It appears to me that [so-called] journalists never seek examples and when they know that barriers do work.


Yes, of course they fricking lie: I see “no evidence” that they don’t lie.

Obama Himself lied something like—what—36 times on video about Obamacare, remember? That makes him in my view just another cheapass, lying, hustler Democrat. Fast Barry Soetoro from—from where? Oh he would NEVER lie about that!

“Thanks alot,” Obama, for having softened up the Opposition: us Americans. Your plan to “fundamentally transform America,” seems to be working. Amercans are confused, fearful, disoriented, lost, ashamed, and beaten up.

Docile. Domesticated. Cattle.

In your eight years of Terror, you roughed them up pretty good. And there’s no evidence your minions and obedient followers ever have, or will, stop.

But Obama himself is full of crap. He never even legally changed his name in court, either. He uses these chosen militant-sounding Muslim names he’s known by—Barack (means,“Lightning”) Hussein Obama, but he’s really still Barry Soetoro. See? More Lies.

And if walls don’t work, then why do Democrat demi-gods have them around their homes, lands, mansions, gated communities, and fortified redoubts? Like Obama, Bill Gates, Zuckerman, Reiner, DeGeneres, Seacrest, Anniston, and even at their beloved Oscars Awards? Can we ever forget or leave out “famed” actor, Señor Gael Garcia Bernal of Desierto, when he spewed against President Trump from his safe spot in the Dolby Theater? Where he was surrounded by almost every kind of security known, including walls?

Yet, Democrats would have us believe that “there’s no evidence” walls work. I guess they don’t work at nuclear installations, missile sites, Area 51, stadiums, Pelican Bay Prison, Obama’s mansion, and elsewhere?

The fact is that Democrats are just arbitrarily against everthing Trump is for. And they are for everything Trump—and Americans—are against.

Democrats don’t seem to care their policies damage America, all Americans, and everything good we once stood for. Their targets are American traditions, mores, beliefs, good deeds, victories in just wars, and our very history itself.

There’s “no evidence” America was “ever great.”

Fricking, Duhhhhh?

What; you silly, dumb, crazed bastards?

Democrats seem blind and vicious. Delusional, and deranged. Real Democrat spirits—genuine Democrats and Loyal Opposition—like John Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Daniel Moynihan—they are all dead and gone from Democrat life and acts.

Reason is dead; debate is dead; law and order are dead; the Truth is dead. It’s all gone. In its place has bloomed a creeping, crawling, Leftist, insanity of self-destructive words and deeds never seen before—not in any time, any era, or any where.

All a Democrat needs to make the politiczed, 24 hour news cycle today is a hot, bloody story. And the story can be A MADE UP LIE. It doesn’t matter to the Democrat, anti-Trump, lap-dog, Leftist media.

There is no thinking behind Democrat ranting explosions or attacks. There are no thoughts, only feeeeelings about what seems right to ravening, mad-dog Leftists their enablers, promoters, and enforcers.


”There’s no evidence” that illegals killing Americans in the streets has anything to do “with illegals.” There’s no evidence that Muslims killing Christians in the streets has anything to do with Islam. There’s no evidence that drug smuggling cartels from the south have anyting to do with Leftist consumption of marijuana and fentanyl.

No Evidence. It’s All Good. Bro. Brah. Vato. Good To Go. Shelter In Place. Racist. Racism. You Are Sooo Not…etc., etc., etc….

They even make up words and phrases that You are allowed to say. And they can get you fired, shunned, banished, or arrested for saying things they do not allow you to say.

There’s no evidence the Democrats will lose their ongoig Jihad between Darkness and Light. They seem to already control the necessary levers and push-buttons they need for victory.

And if you think you will be allowed to just pursue your little life and be left alone—if you stay quiet—then you had better analyze that one again, tovarisch.

Because there’s no evidence they won’t be coming for you too. So that they can slam your square ass down into a round hole in the game they are playing. A game with the highest stakes ever. A game of  One World with Them in charge and you a serf.

—A game of Life, Liberty, and “sharing” your little treasures and family. So that all of us will be brought down low—and fully equal at last—as equal as the lowest of all those among us. As equal as any shiftless, uneducated, illiterate, useless, taker and user that ever existed.

All, equally low.


Conservative, Political, Supernatural, Assorted THRILLER BOOKS—by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, author of this article.

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