From Yitzchak Manhey:


Saw a Gallup Poll the other day that stated the most admired man was Mr. Obama and the most admired woman was Mrs. Obama.

Three points here.

1.  Was this the usual “push poll” where the desired outcome is decided, then the survey written?  Who was interviewed, ethnic makeup, geographic location time of day, etc.  Be wary of polls when you do not see the questions and protocols involved.

2. Most importantly.  We see the result of ongoing propaganda creating images of people which are the exact opposite of their true being.  The corrupt and complicit media is a handmaiden to this practice.  Mr. Obama was one of the worst Presidents in history.  Bill Ayers, “Rev” Wright, “I am a Muslim…..oops, I meant Christian.” Domestic and foreign policy were disastrous since his overarching objective as the destruction of the United States and Israel, not governing as a POTUS.  He was a creation of shadow figures and the lapdog media.

Mrs. Obama was “Never proud of the country until,” etc.  A put upon “Minority woman.”  Put upon?  Princeton University?  A hospital job in Chicago that paid her (After her husband became a state senator) in the mid six figures. Put upon?  No.  Large chip on shoulder?  Yes.

3.  The lingering effect of the continuing propaganda involving these two grifters?  Id Obama was able to run for POTUS again, there are enough brainwashed Sheeple and Lowinfomofos who vote that he would be overwhelmingly elected.  We live in dangerous times.