Well. The failed, slime-master, Little Mittens “Kitten” Romney, forces himself down our media-guzzling throats once again.


Romney is in the news bigly today, trying to tear down President Trump while simultaneously promoting his own self. This is actually a non-agenda promo, because the little slut just says whatevever he thinks will make Trump bleed—whatever twisted imaginings pop into his swamp-soggy skull.

By spewing whatever malicious, made-up, liar-lies manifest themselves inside his pumpkin, Romney scavenges whatever gleeful attention he can suck from the mad-dog, anti-Trump, commie media.

Big Leftist Media and its saber-toothed enablers are Ever Ready to jump on President Trump’s neck and kill him.

ALWAYS going for the jugular, these anti-Trump, socialist parasites—like Romney and his fellow travelers, try to destroy Donald Trump at every swamp-soaked footstep.

This is because Trump is successfully saving America and the world. And these other bastards are not.

Because these Others—they make their bones plying a lying, Leftist rant, while President Tump is sincerely American and Conservative.

These Others are like space aliens. Or envious, unfeeling, deranged, unsympathetic things from some other dimension.

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Trump can only be effective when he is not blocked. But “social warrior” activists, and kitchen table protestors, block him at every bloody paw-step they take.

Entrepeneurial socialists push their System and Brand for personal aggrandizement and profit. They are massed globally to protect their own, crooked turf. It’s about their survival.

It’s not about your survival.

These liars, like Romany—I mean, “Romney”—I mean, the Democrat judges, Democrat politicians and their enablers. I mean, Democrat Big Media, entertainement, and Hollywood. They all have Trump under crippling 24 hour assault. Including a misled or deluded Democrat base.

They are all blocking Trump, preventing him from moving America back to it’s former freedoms, benevolence, sheltering wings, and unfettered greatness.

Romney may as well be a registered Democrat.

Except, kids, then he would never have been elected Utah Senator. It seems to me he has told a shit-storm of lies to get the spot. Why? Why would a rich man want to be a Trump-bashing, slut senator from Utah?

Because: Mittens Romney wants to be President.

Not just a fricking Utah senator.

And he doesn’t care how he gets there.

This loser has already failed to get elected President—I don’t even know how many times. But, like psoriasis, he keeps coming back.

Mittens Romany is NOT worthy of being President. No where near it. He is a liar and bullshitter. Being a bullshitter is worse than being a liar, because being a bullshitter he gets to spew really insane, made-up accusations—and nobody can check hallucinations. Not even the Leftist tool, Snopes.

Romney is all over the Game Board. He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere— bullshitting us and probably his own self.

Will somebody please tell me—us, all, here, now—how this little scum, Romney, is actually different from Donald H. Trump? What is the difference?

WHAT qualifies Romany to bullshit us that: Trump, baaaad; Romney gooood?

For instance, how the hell are Romany’s lies any different from what Trump is ALREADY ACTUALLY DOING, with Red China, as below:

IN HIS 2010 BOOK No Apology, Mitt Romney has a lot to say about China, much of it unfavorable.

He writes of Beijing’s “brutal repression and incarceration of dissidents.” He decries the brazenness of Chinese enterprise, with its “rampant theft of intellectual property from Western businesses.” He warns that China’s “aggressive pursuit” of cyber-warfare capabilities has made it “the most active cyber-combatant in the world.” He details the ominous Chinese military buildup in combat aircraft, submarines, and ballistic missiles. He laments the communist government’s willingness to shield the odious regimes in Iran and Sudan from international sanction.

Nevertheles…Nowhere in his book does he characterize China as a hostile trade foe, or condemn its currency policies as “cheating,” or call for the imposition of protectionist tariffs.

Yet on the presidential campaign trail these [failed, 2016] days, the former Massachusetts governor routinely slams the Chinese government, vowing that on “Day One” as president he’ll designate China a “currency manipulator” and impose tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States.

Whipping up resentment against foreign trading partners is a time-honored way for candidates of both parties to score cheap political points…What makes this [failed, 2016] candidate’s protectionist rabble-rousing [failed bastard] so disappointing is that he knows perfectly well how superficial and spurious it is.


For a hundred years or more, America and entrapped Americans have been under attack from lying, Leftist politicians, who clutch any device or attention they can steal, rape, or co-opt. All done for self-aggrandizement, profit, or advancement in the swamp of Government. Anything goes.

America was never founded to be a socialist Country without borders. I mean—too bad about all those born in other, ”shit-hole countries,” but the entire world can just, Not come here to steal welfare and benefits. And, in return, be automatically “registered” to vote fricking Democrat forever. Despite what “suburban American women” may think.

That process would herald a communist, no borders, no Countries, One-World, where the lowest of the lowest, and YOU and your family, are all “equal.”

Equally poor. Equally repressed. Equally degenerated. And equally ruled by Them—the Leftist, parasite, foreign zillionaire, self-diagnosed Elite.

Your “natural” betters and superiors. Your born Rulers. Your contrivers and movers. Your pals in politics and entertainment. Your kneelers and screamers. Your ranters. Your DeNiro, Reiner, Behar, Clapper, Pelosi, Feinstein, Brennan, Goldberg, Alinsky, others—oh, and that new “rock star” socialist, Whats-her-Name.

You know who—the ones brainwashing you.

Democrat “leaders,” and Mittens Romney, do NOT care one tiny bit about “immigrants, children, the oppressed,” You, or whatever. The Only thing they care about is, themselves. Personal power, and votes—whether stolen, “harvested,” or however.

Nothing matters to them. Other than total Victory over you—us—and the world.



Conservative, Political, Supernatural, Assorted THRILLER BOOKS—by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, author of this article.

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