When is an invasion not an invasion? When the invaders are voters and you can’t kill them, because it would look bad.

But Either way, they would vote the same: free bennies, free money, free food, and free everything. They would vote the same even if you killed A few.

How would they vote? Democrat, of course, even if it were Democrats killing them.

These illegals from south of the border and all over the collapsing world—they’re from, and used to, totalitarian, leftist, socialist, and communist regimes.

And the fact is, that along with their horrible diseases, parasites, crimes, and lusts, they also bring the sickness of Leftist, totalitarian rule. It’s in their blood. They are born to it. They live it and love it. And they bring it here and spread it—like bacteria transmitting infection.

A group of about 150 migrants attempted to breach a San Diego border fence on New Year’s, and some began throwing rocks at responding U.S. border agents who deployed pepper spray and tear gas on the crowd, authorities said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the group was attempting to climb over and under the San Diego border fence. When agents and officers responded, about 45 migrants turned back to Mexico, according to the agency.

San Diego Tribune

With all of these organized invasions now coming, what we are seeing is a repeat of the European migrant invasions with all of the social…and political ruin of Europe…More border charges are on the way, so how can it be that “walls don’t work,” as the left claims, and how can it be that a more secure wall, one with no need of razor wire upon which to toss the kids for the photos, isn’t needed?  Democrats are now insisting that America doesn’t need a border wall, even as the flimsy fences America does have are being breached in organized attacks.  This charge is proof positive that President Trump’s border wall is needed and Democratic opposition to it is nothing more than a desire to see the gates to the U.S. knocked over to all comers.  Team Trump must drive this home as negotiations to end the government shutdown head for a climax.


So the reason Democrats want to leave the doors open is, they expect a flood of potential, illegal, Democrat voters—Leftists.

The thieving Democrat “leadership” must feel they can regulate and control this rampaging mob—when the time comes.

”The time” will be when illegals decide to throw off the Democrats and seize control of everything, by, and for, themselves.

At that point, the jackass Democrats will probably opt for a wall.

If the wall fails, make no mistake, Democrats will kill everybody to stop them.

Democrats have killed before and they will kill again. Ruby Ridge; Waco; Philadelphia; and elsewhere.

And Democrats do NOT hesitate to kill women and children. They in fact killed about a hundred of them at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

“Dead Child,” Bill Clinton’s (Covered Up) Waco BBQ – Pinterest.com

What makes you think Democrats won’t kill again? What makes you think they won’t kill even more people next time? What makes you think Democrats won’t kill maybe even thousands, or millions, to protect their own interests and Democrat asses?

Wall, shmall! Forget the damn wall.

Put Democrats in charge! And then have illegals try to seize power from them.

Democrats will handle it: machine guns, mini-cannon; gunships; Pedator drones; land mines; fire; nerve gas, and more.

Democrats know how to protect Democrat ass. They will make an example of ANY interlopers trying to steal from them.

Democrats will protect America—when they own it and illegals try to take it.


Conservative, Political, Supernatural, Assorted THRILLER BOOKS—by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, author of this article.

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