Ever since Bill Clinton flooded world airways with uncouth, over-the-top, Leftists bullshit lies, and George “The Religion Of Peace” Bush taught a Leftist, mad-racoon media they could call him any name they wanted with impunity—Democrats have thirsted and feasted on it.


There was the Clinton, Waco Massacre, between February 28 and April 19, 1993.  Instead of just arresting the target, David Koresh, during his habitual, always-solo, morning jog outside the compound, Democrats—led by Attorney General, Janet Reno—burned down the entire compound and killed 76 people.

The Democrat death-toll included babies, children, and harmless women who cowered in buses buried underground. This was a bloody 51 day siege where Law Enforcement agencies used gas, guns, Army tanks, and pretty much everything in their inventory. It was needless and uncalled for.

Rumor had it—and still does—that arch-Democrat Hillary Clinton was behind the Waco bloodbath. Accordingly, we are told this was a plot hatched by Hillary Clinton, carried out by Janet Reno, and approved by President Bill Clinton. It was supposed to have made Bill Clinton “look tough.”

Since then, Democrat—or Democrat-inspired—mobs have been involved in “protests,” fights, fires, window bashing, car bashing, restaurant yelling,  door-busting, Talk-host threatening, mayhem, destruction, and general bloodletting.

i.dailymail.co.uk – “Ferguson Missouri Burns…”

Republicans don’t do these things. Conservatives don’t march or “protest.” While the “fundamental transformation of America” was being carried out by the liar Obama (36 times about Obamacare ), nobody “protested” or burned any cities down.

Democrat celebs, movie stars, athletes, singers, and members of the actual Democrat Leadership call for the death of Trump, his Family, and seemingly anyone associated with him. We are assaulted daily by violent remarks and suggestions, from a Rob Reiner, Michael Moore, Robert DiNero, Kathy Griffen, LaBron (or LeBron or whatever), singers, hair stylists, couturiers,  dancers, prancers, planters, lancers, shmancers, philanderers, and others.

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We have had school shootings, church shootings, shootings in general, politicians-playing-baseball shootings (Joe Scalise), and more shootings. Without going into un-needed detail, it would seem to me that almost every domestic mass-killing or shooting, since Waco, has been committed by a registered Democrat, a Liberal, Socialist, “Progressive,” Trump-hater, Hillary-supporter, or somebody reared in that sort of venue. Look it up for yourself, so you’ll maybe believe it.

Republicans have tried several times over the years to repeal gun-free zones around schools, beginning in 2007…But the legislation—contested as it was by *those on the other side of the political aisle [WHICH IS TO SAY: “DEMOCRATS! DEMOCRATS! DEMOCRATS!”], who controlled, at times, all of Congress and the White House—has FAILED.


It would appear that if you want to stop mass killings in America—just—simply—well….

…don’t let Democrats have guns.

I mean—it seems “common sense.” It just seems “good sense.” Simply don’t let Democrats have guns. Take them away.

Confiscate all Democrat-owned guns. That would likely entail just a few door-knocks anyway.


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