When will “celebrities,” Liberal operatives, and the shut-mouthed Democrat “leadership” figure out they can’t keep on keepin’ on this way, before somebody turns the tables?

The emboldened, hysteric, maniacal, Leftist mob?

I might thereby also ask, “When will the first Liberal Loudmouth bastard pay a price?”

I am pretty much forbidden to state what that “price” might be, but you, as an astute reader, can fill in the blanks.

I stated—and was correct—that the droopy-faced, foreign, billionaire and his violent minions would be more or less pulled off the case. Their crude, rude, violent tactics just weren’t working.

As patsy-designated, Face of the Billionaire Club movement, old Droop Eyes has apparently been “called away,” maybe for socialized distemper shots?

His paid-for, blathering, blithering mobs of spit-hurling, skinny, and fat, white-armed, creepy little bastards are silent. The recently millionairized, “black,” un-informed, ill-advised, superstitious mob—have also been out of the news for a long time.

See? It just wasn’t working.

Not one Trumper is on public record as saying, maybe, “O! M! G! I am now so woke and anti-Trump that I shall NEVER vote for him anymore again!”

In Fact, the reverse is true. The more these dirty little horn-dogs beat up on Trump or Conservatives in restaurants, the more popular and loved the President and Conservatism becomes.

As to Old Methuselah The Billionaire, if he steps out of line, I think his Trillionaire Masters might squash him like a barn-yard cow patty.

They might step on him and remove him or his life, because they are regrouping at the moment. They haven’t quite figured out how to play this One World Globalist hand yet.

And it may have reached their stupid brains that—should ANYTHING happen to Trump—they, themselves, might not maybe perhaps possibly forsooth be physically safe inside their castles and gated “communities.”

I have heard that a single, small, professional group of trained Forces is capable of taking down an entire city in one play. I’m certain that such may have other “abilities and skills” which would be feared and loathed—but are more than Capable.

Yet, now, some Leftist jackass seems to have figured out a way to masturbate remotely. He—or she (because this might be a chick)—is doing email threats to a favorite restaurant of Michael Savage.

Got that? He’s not so much threatening Savage—although he is—but he’s going after the fricking restaurant! Kids, it does not get sillier than that. Whoever this dumb bullshitter is he (or she) will likely be identified and caught within a week. That is, if anybody is really looking.

Michael Savage is not the best target for this kind of assault. Already on 400 radio stations, with an audience of 20,000,000 MILLION, Michael Savage does not need the Talk gig or the money. He has a reported net worth of $50,000,000 MILLION USD. His son Russell has a net worth of $4,400,000,000 BILLION USD.

These two can afford to pay web experts to root this slimy little emailer out of his hole. I’m sure the only thing holding Russell back right now might be Savage himself, maybe saying something like, “Let’s give the authorities a chance, first.”

City, state and federal agencies are taking a look at a vicious, hateful email sent [to] a restaurant frequented by talk radio icon Michael Savage that threatens to shoot up the establishment if he’s not denied future service.

—The Washington Times Times

…Hatred and calls for violence are so normal now on the left – even among celebrities…that few if any prominent people bother to condemn them.

Now comes news from the Washington Times of a threat to talk show host Michael Savage taken so seriously that the he has moved to a “changed location….”

American Thinker

Hello to the hateful little emailing bastard out there flopping around in the ether!

You may have thought you were safe and hidden, horn-dog, but, lately, you have come to realize that you are not.

Forces much greater than your little male, female, or Other self are on your clumsy trail and closing in.

Right, shithead?

Go on and make more threats. Send more emails. Broaden the back-trail. Let it all out, vato. Make yourself known. Tell us exactly who you are.


…people are coming for you.


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