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Very nice talk from a supposedly prim, devout Muslima whose parents languish, or languished, or something, back in der Heimat: Palestine.

An elected USA Congresswoman—a Muslim—who chose to be sworn in on the Islamic Koran, while wearing Palestinian robes, and the first thing she does is shout an obscenity and threaten the President Of The United States of America.

By the way, I don’t care WHOSE Koran it was.

It was not a Bible. The original owner of that Koran was not a Muslim.

Pointing Out whose Koran it was is  just another distraction by the Left or some Islamist apologist. That’s what they do: twist language and circumstances around on your distracted brain so they can insert their own putrid thoughts instead. They use English and American, sweet fairness against you.

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One of the things the owner of that Koran said about Islam—let’s get the truth on this topic for a change—was:

“…founded on the Laws of the Prophet…it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise….”

I can go on, but I won’t. To all but the Left and the Islamist, this “religion” speaks for itself, to ANYbody who looks it up.

Hey—suburban housewives and other mad Democrats—you voted for her. You elected her. Get ready now—get ready to know it, live it, and love it. For two (2) entire years.

All you rough babes—you wanna be fire-fighters, cops, Green Berets, Navy SEALS—carry a backpack. You’re toughter than any man, smarter, and invulnerable.

Except where your whimpering, chickified feelings get hurt when Trump or something else pisses you off, and then you’re suddenly a victim.

And you vote crazy—with your feelings, not your brain.

We’re tired of your inane drama— sweetheart.

Oh…wait…here’s a NON-Photoshopped picture of the Grand Islamic Mufti with Adolph Hitler back in der Heimat.


Oh…wait, here’s another picture of the Grand Islamic Mufti with his NAZI allies:

Grand Mufti and Nazi Allies, WWII – i.ytimg.com

Wait—here’s something more “today” and “down” with Palestine:


I don’t give a flying damn what kind of lies, cover-stories, or reasoning this Koran-swearing Muslima, Rashida Tlaib, gives. I don’t care what distractions she creates. I don’t care what backflip, tap-dance or hypnotic gestures she throws. In my opinion she’s just another lying anti-semite and baseless hater of Trump, Americans, and Trump’s-America.

A Friday-published Washington Post opinion editorial — written by Molly Roberts and entitled “What so wrong with motherf***er?” — dismisses criticisms of Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) derision of President Donald Trump as a “motherf****r,” framing concerns of “civility” as manifestations of “linguistic timidity.”

At a Thursday evening MoveOn.org-hosted event in Washington, DC, hours after her swearing-in ceremony as a congresswoman, Tlaib [had] said, “We’re going to go in and impeach the motherf**ker.”


Why is this Woman’s language censored? Why is a woman—and Muslim—being censored? Where is her “Freedom?” Of speech, religion, movement, mouth, body, and all that other sacred, chick-stuff?

And what is so mysterious that it needs to be “ *** ” —about the WORD WHICH I SHOW ABOVE IN THE PHOTO?

I mean—I am not spelling it out here because I have to consider Mark Zuckerface’s sensibilities, and those of other search engines. As far as I know, search engines don’t read what it says in a photo.

But why is it censored by Big Leftist Media which do not have to fear Zuck, Twitter,  Facebook, Google, or ANY other Leftist search engine, publication, or propaganda juggernaut?

I mean—to hear or see that word, I can just checkout almost any rap music, or any “protest” sign, or any modern hipster who’s live-streaming from their kitchen over a beer and politics. Right? That word is seemingly EVERYwhere.





So why censor it, when it’s the simple truth of what she actually said.

Is the word so bad—evil—that it calls for censorship? Since a woman—and Muslima—said it, why not praise it? Sing it’s glories and benefits to America?

I mean—that’s what Democrats do. As my sainted mother from South Philly used to say:


In traffic.