In my opinion, in order for the Democrat Leadership to successfully implement their long-anticipated and cherished, Marxist/Socialist/Communist reign, they must first disarm Americans.


It is said that, in order for the Democrat “Progressive” Leadership to institute their wet dream of One-World, No Borders, under their Elitist, Rule, they must first make sure Americans can’t kill them.

Before an Iron Curtain of Liberalism descends over the former America, Democrats must remove all opposition.

Otherwise, it’s just not working for them. True, freedom-loving Americans won’t tolerate this sort of “sincere,” liberal, Democrat, bullshit.

Democrats lie, distort, and co-opt the English language to fool weakend, drugged, over-entertained, and distracted Americans. They twist natural American sweetness and honesty by distorting and hiding their real aims behind a shitstorm of lies.

During a town hall with MSNBC on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressed support for comprehensive immigration reform that would “secure our borders, legalize the people who are here so that they can participate fully,” and stated that a border wall “is an immorality.” Pelosi stated that the best approach for the House “is comprehensive immigration reform, where we address the whole package of reforms.”

Nancy Pelosi is worth $140 MILLION. She was born in 1940, and has been in office since  1987.

…Nancy Pelosi, the shrewd power player who learned her craft at the knee of the political boss of Baltimore, her father, Tommy D’Alesandro, who knew a few things about money, power, and deal-making.

—Thomas Lifson,

To “Fast Baltimore Nan” Pelosi, “immigration reform,” doesn’t really mean immigration reform. It simply means deal.

It means Democrats finding a way to flood America with foreign invaders who are already used to Leftist or Totalitarian Rule. Democrats immediately register these creatures to vote. The Leftist invaders are presumed to be Liberals and therefore Democrats.

In return, as their end of the deal, Democrat-coopted, foreign invaders get: free money, welfare, medical, housing, and chain migration of entire families and villages. They get and take other, untold goodies and bennies, waayyyyy beyond what actual Americans can “get.”

Democrats hope to cynically steal America. By the Deal.

They plan to take it by invasion of their foreign hordes, by outright voter fraud and “harvesting,” and by their misrepresentation and lies to “suburban housewives.”

Suburban housewives think they are opposing a “pussy grabber” named Trump. An abuser, beater, and I suppose murderer in the suburban female mind?

They seem so focused on abortion or some other, one-issue emotionality, that they just helped throw Congress away in these past elections of 2018. Elections that were drenched in Democrat lies, disinformation-Soviet-style, and good old, traditional, un-punishable Democrat voter fraud.

With Democrats “fleeing” Leftist states which they voted for and helped create, we are experiencing a malignant spread of ruinous Liberalism. Democrats are compared to locusts, who first destroy fertile fields, and then move on to destroy new fertile fields.

Democrats leave, say, California, and move to a formerly patriotic, solid American bastion of freedom like Virginia. And then they destroy and consume Virginia.

In true, Democrat, traditional, tested, and very successful Orwellian style, the Leftist Governor of Virginia has once again co-opted the English language and twisted it around to distortedly comply with his Soviet-style scheme.

This is nothing new, having been used successfully by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (N.A.Z.I.s) back in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

One of the first things Adolph Hitler did was disarm—confiscate all guns—of Jews, Germans, and German Jews.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) proposed gun confiscation orders, criminalization of private gun sales, an “assault weapons” ban, and other gun controls on Friday.

Northam claimed these controls will reduce “gun violence” although all evidence actually points to the contrary. Northam tweeted: “This morning I announced a broad package of reasonable legislation to prevent gun violence and improve Virginia’s public safety. I look forward to having a dialogue with the General Assembly this session on these important issues….”

…Despite…myriad failures [everywhere it’s been tried], Northam claims his gun control package will work if tried in Virginia.


Kids, these Totalitarian, “sensible,” and “reasonable,” and “common sense” measures for “gun control” just do Not work. Not anywhere on Earth where they have been tried. Not in California, Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, or any other Democrat Paradise—not anywhere.

In fact, they seem to almost always have been part of a nefarious deal to simply disarm a public interested in self-protection and protection from an invasive, creepingly Totalitarian government.

This happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, England, France, Cuba, Venezuela, and myriad other defeated States. This made instant criminals of law-abiding citizens and also left them open to true crime perpetrated by true criminals who don’t give a flying damn about “reasonable gun laws,” or “sensible gun control.”

It seems Leftists, Socialists, Democrats, Communists, Nazis, and other “Progressives,” just can Not get over their apparent fear of the Public or their Liberals’ love of un-opposed, totalitarian Rule. By them. 

Would it seem they have all maybe read this, as follows?

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

—Thomas Jefferson

This quote, below—usually erroneously attributed to Thomas Jefferson—can be added:

When the People fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the People, there is liberty.



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