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Is this the very best America can do? Elect a pair of flailing socialist, far left banshee, like Tlaib and Cortez, who seem to state the craziest things?

While they pepper a smelly, socialist stew with approved profanity—and are praised, hailed, worshipped, and featured as “the New Americans” by a lost, mad-dog, Leftist media?

Is this the Flower of Womanhood?

I mean—if they want to use the spice of profanity, shouldn’t they take it back to the kitchen? Or, “shit-hole” country? Or, hut? Hovel? Or whatever?

Because these two look to me like “New American Heroes” the infected, drugged, rapist, USA media has had wet-dreams about, for just forever and ever.

Because these two screaming banshee “exemplify” the insane, “Progressive,” death- wish of a solidly Marxist media for One Communist World, ruled by—in their minds—ruled by them.

Because these two radicals have set back whatever remained of the discredited “Women’s Movement.” I was there in the 1960’s when the first bras were burned in protest. And then the “glass ceiling.” It seemed to have a sexual connotation. Because female “victims” discovered their power. What they could do for, and to, men—their former rulers.

A male draft-card burner and protestor from the Viet Nam War Era was sure to get laid. Any man talking like a woman or behaving like one in a march knew he could have all the socialist pussy he wanted.

I will not be artificially “polite.” A mere, “civil” chronicler. The time for polite chit-chat died with the election of Bill Clinton, in 1993.

I can say, “pussy,” because it’s one of those words sanctified by media high priests like Mahr, Tapper, Lemon, Behar, or even Señor Rachel. They all say it. So, ignoring the barriers imposed against us Conservatives, but not against Liberals, I think I’ll say it too.

“Pussy.” There. I said it. I feel like Lenny Bruce in the 1950s.

I heard Donald Trump is accused of saying something (baaaad) about how men should “grab pussy” or something. That this peeves women in the suburbs. Help me out here, but most women seem to like having their pussy “grabbed.” Am I wrong?

No? Yes? They want it grabbed? They don’t want it grabbed—what?

So, with the Lurching Leftist Entirety: all media, all celebs, entertainers, singers, dancers, “artists,” provocateurs, and “experts,” all extolling the New America, and the Tlaib-Cortez-Propaganda troika, what’s next?

“Kill Trump,” will be the headline? Or, “Kill Trump’s Entire Family?” Or “KILL ALL CONSERVATIVES?”


Do you think you will really be allowed to pursue a quiet life if you just keep your head down? If you’re quiet? If you don’t push back? Oh? Ask the dead Jews of Auschwitz about that.

Or those innocent dead from the extermination camps of Bełżec, Sobibór and Treblinka. The “death factories.”

Because these One-World, No-Borders, No Countries, No Nothing communist/ Marxist/socialists—once they took power—they had never let anything stand in their way. Nothing. Not anything. They will kill you if they can.


* AS FAR AS I KNOW, SEARCH ENGINES DON’T READ WHAT IMAGES SAY, so I am not “guilty” of saying what Rashida The Muslima said about impeaching Trump.

I’m not scared to say it. I don’t want to maybe “offend” some search engine, Twitter boss, Zuckerbook, or something.




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Oh, wait. I had better change that….


And since Bill Mahr already used this word, and was hailed by the Leftist media, I can say it too, right?

Yes, I can:


BECAUSE, she who lives by insanity shall reap insanity.

With Rashida now all sworn in to Congress on a Koran while wearing Palestinian clothing, and ranting on the topic—now we are all Palestinians.


Wrong. Rashida Tlaib and her Democrat ilk—in my opinion—are a bunch of lunatic, hysteric, uncouth, disinformational Liberals. She hasn’t hurt her Palestinian relations too much more, because they were already crazy as far as I could tell. But she certainly is garnering some truly, whacko headlines and lead stories from her enablers and enforcers in the Leftist media.

I mean—they cannot seem to say Enough about this moron—she and her “Socialist,” unicorn-fart-sniffing cohort, Alexandria. For me, Neither of them will be setting an apparent “new tone” of the FUSA. The Former USA.

Neither Rashida nor her alter-ego, “Alexandria Occasional Cortex.”

You had better watch out, vato. Watch out that none of this slips up on you quietly on little pussy feet.

Be prepared.

Everything I needed to know, I learned in Cub Scouts.

Before it went LBGT, or whatever….


(Oh…can I get Twittered or Facebooked for using this symbol? Is it, “hate speech?”)