Hello! To all the “angry suburban housewives,” liberals, “progressives,” socialists, commies, Marxists, and other deranged or deluded or misinformed Trump and America-Haters.

You voted for—and elected—Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

You got your apparent wish—more reported Muslim-Shariah, anti-Israel, anti-Trump, terror-affiliated, anti-America bigots in Congress.

Muslims in Islam—almost all of whom, according to reports, seem to be seeking the death of everyone not a Muslim, the death of everyone who’s left Islam, the death of any “bad” or “over-dressed” Muslims, and world domination.

I have no idea what “miracle” you expect to happen from this last election you voted in. Why’d you do it? Because Trump once said something you didn’t like?

What—no man ever said this before, not anywhere, at any time in human history? Well, guess what, “Babe?” Men talk like this among themselves ALL THE TIME!

Is that why you voted for these two Muslimas?

“Sweetheart,” you’ve got a weird idea of what your freedom is.

What—when Islam dominates the world, your daughters won’t have to wear black sacks? Your daughters won’t have to wear black rag-masks? Your daughters won’t have to get their clitoris sawed off? Your daughters won’t have to be treated like property— by Muslim men?

Nobody You know will have to get their head cut off, be canned to death, be stoned to death, be killed by dogs in a pit, have acid thrown in their face, or suffer some death mandated by Islam?

You Jewish babes: Sistah! Yo, I guess they won’t kill you first, am I right? Although, can you think of a better way to stop Jews from breeding and pumping out more Jews?

“Extermination;” quelle idee! Assez bizarre, ne’est-ce pas? 

Oh! Wait! Already been done once. Just not really “well.”

Suburban housewives! You must Know somebody “up high.” Maybe the Ayatollah, or some Imam? Or somebody? Because you’re exempt from all that, am I right?

What they call, “Creeping Shariah,” is here. Now.

Islam is said to have already worked its way into almost every wrinkle and fold of America’s soft-skinned hide. Muslims are everywhere, emigrating legally, invading illegally, making babies, breeding, and taking command.

Entire villages have been moved here from Somalia.

Dearborn Michigan is said to resemble a caliphate.

The US Government and law enforcement are widely forbidden to mention or even teach about Jihadist terror.

I guess you suburban women will not be slammed down into mandated roles of sex-slaves, kitchen-slaves, yard-slaves, breeding-slaves, and all the rest of it. That’s all a myth, right?

Oh! But you think you will be allowed to continue driving cars, go where you want, do what you want, wear spandex, swimsuits, jeans, short-shorts, and high-fashions? Hah!

You—suburban housewives—you will be servants to the men of Islam. You will “submit.” You will submit to the stated pedophile Muhammad, the moon-god, Allah, and endure blood-sacrifices to, “the religion of peace.”

The religion of peace. That’s how the lying, opportunistic, “kinder, gentler,” George W. Bush put it. Have you ever seen his father’s video-taped statement on “A New World Order?”

Is there any doubt alleged “Republicans” have worked for over a hundred years to induce One World Rule? Yes? Well, see it with your own eyes, Here.

If only—there were some self-organizing, self-policing, self-driven, world-dominating, opposition-exterminating, true-believer religion—designed to take over the world! If only that religion could be co-opted by white rulers of the future One World.

Oh! Wait! There is something like that, and people in it. Whom you morons just voted for. You—who stand by, just watching, grinning, nodding, picking, and hating Trump and America—with your thumbs stuck up your collective butts. You jackasses.

”But, ohhh,” you might respond, “She’s a moderate. She’s an American. And that makes it different and okay.”

“What is that saying, ‘The Extremist Muslim is the one cutting off your head, the moderate Muslim is the one holding you down.’” Is this true?

I don’t know. But the rest of this certainly seems true to me:

…[ US Congresswomen ] Tlaib and Omar have insinuated themselves into American politics.

They personify the anti-freedom, Jew-hatred, sharia intolerance that is integral to the tenets of the Quran, the very book that Tlaib rested her hand on when she was sworn in!

Tlaib and Omar are symptomatic of the leftist-Islamic (Red-Green) anti-American connection that keeps gaining traction in the country.

The left (Progressives) believe in the notion of a “living Constitution” and work to create “administrative agencies” that circumvent the limitations that the original Constitution set in place.

Likewise, Muslims wish to substitute sharia law for the Constitution, making the absurd claim that they are similar….


Wearing red-patterned, Palestinian robes (shown) Rashida Tlaib swears in on Koran and pledges to Get Trump. – LegalInsurrection . Com and JA FRIEDBERG IMAGES

[The self-avowed Palestinian Muslim] Tlaib was the Arab-American coordinator for Obama’s 2008 campaign in Michigan.

In addition, she has ties to the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Then, “[i]n 2013-14, she received numerous financial donations from individuals affiliated with CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Students Association (MSA), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).”

Moreover, “[i]n an October 2015 tweet, Tlaib linked to an article in The Nation lauding Black Lives Matter activists in Chicago for supporting ‘a Palestinian woman threatened with deportation.’

The woman in question was Rasmea Odeh, a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist who had played a central role in a deadly 1969 terrorist bombing in Jerusalem, and had committed felonious immigration fraud in the U.S. years later.”


US CONGRESSWOMAN, Ilhan Omar – dailymail. co. uk

While the inaugural address was being delivered … insurgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it … Both parties deprecated war, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive … and the war came….

—President Abraham Lincoln