It looks to me like the Leadership Democrats, and their leftist supporters, their fanatic enablers and enforcers, have all gone crazy. An age of reason is dead.

Democrats and leftists tell us there’s no border emergency; there are no terrorists; nothing’s wrong; nobody got killed who wasn’t begging for it. Trump is evil and  stupid. Everybody on the left is somehow smarter.

Fageddaboudit,” we are told by oily New Yawk politicians.

Forget about Trump’s booming economy, booming oil production, booming world, and booming on jihadists everywhere.

Jeh Johnson, Obama’s head of DHS – gannett -cdn. com

Everywhere, from every liberal, we are instructed. From every Democrat we are commanded—including from Jeh Johnson, whom I thought had been dead these past 50 years. (They move him with tiny motors and fishing line?)


“The Comedian,” 2009, “WATCHMEN,”, DC Comics, WB, Paramount, Legendary Pctures, Lwrence Gordon Productions, and enhancement JA FRIEDBERG IMAGES –

What’s happened to the American Dream? It came true; yer lookin’ at it!” —The Comedian, “Watchmen.”

We are ordered by every liberal “comedian,” by every “progressive,” every celebrity, leftist politician, “entertainer,” singer, dancer, prancer, and vixen—we are told to Forget Trump.

Forget about Trump’s economic and global successes.

The fact that Trump is effecting positive change in almost EVERY relevant area means nothing. The fact he wants to save America from its enemies is an evil idea.

What’s right, is actually wrong. Everything that’s wrong, is actually right.

Illegal aliens and imported criminals and murderers are way more right and important than actual Americans.

Americans are bad. They are wrong. Illegals are good. They are right.

Illegals are so good and right for America that Nancy Pelosi and the Pope wash and kiss their illegal feet for cameras. Also, illegals come already enslaved by poverty to the Democrats, and will vote for them.

The fact that Democrats and liberals don’t seem to give a damn about America or Americans is a “progressive” idea. The age of voting is over; now, it’s just a phony label for Democrats to rob us of true election results. To “harvest” as many votes as are needed to win—from out of black holes, closets, car trunks, and their flapping asses.

Illegals vote; democrats vote often; the leftist propaganda juggernaut will not and can not ever stop its lies and protection of ANYthing socialist, Marxist, leftist, or communist.

What do you think they teach these days in so-called “journalism” school? They teach that communism gooood, captilatism baaaaad. They teach conservatism evil. Socialism wonderful.

The “news.” The smiling, or sad-faced, or serious-faced, make-believe performers you see emoting and tearfully “reporting” the “news” are just a bunch of trained seals barking and slapping their flippers. They perform their acting for expensive party-packs, bits of offal, or dead meat. They get paid YUGE bucks by socialist networks to do this. They lie to you, with almost every inhalation.

“Inhalation?” What the hell are they smoking?

Why—I’ll be hornswoggled! Quelle surprise! They’re smoking and snorting those very same drugs smuggled in illegally from Mexico!

They’re using the drugs they say Trump is not allowed to stop. They are high and out of their minds on mind-warping smoke, enslaving powder, and whatever else poisonous comes over that open border.

They NEED imported criminals, killers, and terrorists crossing into America. They WANT these rotten scum tearing America apart. They CELEBRATE the demise of a once-great Country and all its innocent traditions.

They lust for “more shootings,” they drool for “mass murder.” And they glory in the destruction of America. They long for the fabled, “gun control” that would make it a reality. When Americans will be “safed,” and holstered, forever. Then the savages can be safely ruled, and used by the political/media Elite.

They can be used UP.

In my opinion, Democrat talking heads are a diseased flock of drug-using, America-hating, leftist liars. They hypnotize America with attractive faces and skilled, show-biz “delivery.”

Mass hypnosis. Anyone who still doubts this is deluded. Anyone who still believes the anti-Trump lies is Trump-deranged. Or hypnotized.

Is there anybody who thinks the drug-using, criminal-protecting Democrats and newsies have this correct? Is there anyone who believes all the negative communist propaganda being spewed by Rachel, Jake, Don, Chuck, and all the rest of the multi-skillioniare, by liars in the so-called, “media” and Democrat “leadership?”

If so—you don’t need the distraction of a so-called, “reality check.”

This misdirecting tack of a “reality check,” is only a twist of the language so you’ll think you’re making “intelligent choices.”

“Choice,” a Favored Marketing Device – thumbs. dreamstime. com

Because in the New Speak that substitutes for actual language, “choice” seems to be everything. Almost greater than freedom itself. Americans are all about “choice.” In fact, it’s a favorite marketing term.

That’s what they do: they “market” you. They twist you.  They re-direct you. They brainwash you.

YOU—small, sad, conditioned farm animals, bred to marketing. And bred to “choice” that does not exist. You predictably reflex and kick to those programmed words. You are used.

In reality—and this is what I’m writing about—if you think Democrats have this correct, and that you are being well-led, then you apparently have no “choice.”

You don’t need any “reality check.”

Choice and reality don’t exist for you. They don’t matter. The ideas of reality and choice are only distractions to make you feel better about yourself—to help you feel good about the lying, leftist, Democrat media and “leadership.” To make you feel as if you’re actually doing something.

No. You don’t need choice. You don’t need “news.” You don’t need drugs, criminals, or communism.

You need to change your mind.