At last.

I’m seeing a few bold writers who don’t merely chronicle in some vapid, squishy manner. They don’t just report things politely anymore. They are no longer dispassionately “fair.” Those days have drifted into the sea of a lost Age.

“Where’s this?” critics might say. I’m seeing it crop up here and there. It’s happening in certain important blogs, which I won’t yet name. This is something relatively new and needs to take root. But it’s alive, and happening with more frequency, as liberals seem to become more crazed in statement and action.

There was a time—long ago, it seems—when all sides of a given dispute would rationally debate it, investigate it, and see the best-stated side win.

No longer does that mindset exist. The days when a fair-minded, loyal-opposition of opposing groups would “defend with my life your right to say that,” are long gone.

The election of Bill Clinton and his low line of lies, deceptions, and scheming in 1993 ended that. “The Arkansas” way became the New Way. It was a way of leftist schemes, lies, manipulations, and conquest.

The convicted, lying, disbarred Bill Clinton and his banshee wife plotted, finessed, and maybe even murdered their way to the top of a world-wide con game. The “body count” around them is said to be huge.

They seem untouchable. Because there are “too many people involved” to allow prosecution. We are told “the Government would fall.”

The Clintons are “too big to fail.” They are protected by the enormously wealthy, the self-interested, and by cold-steel enforcers.

Their scheme has involved billions of dollars and thousands of people—all twisted together in one seemingly untouchable knot.

It was an unholy wedding of money, liars, influence-peddlers, and quid pro quo enforcers.

Definition of quid pro quo: something given or received for something else. Also: a deal….

Too many are onboard the Clinton Velocity. Too many gave, or took, or stood, or stand ready to protect a way of life not seen since the oppulence and Privilege of ancient Chinese palaces or Babylonian Kings.

A Liberal will always accuse you of planning what they are already actually doing. They themselves are in fact the shamelessly Privileged they accuse you of being.

The arch Clinton-admirer and liar George W. Bush taught US Mass Media they could inviolably call a sitting US President any name they wanted. Bush himself would never respond in any way.

And the rabidly socialist media were thereby unleashed to persecute conservatives and conservatism. To ultimately unmask themselves as communists, to display their proudly-violent Marxist faces, and steer America into its downward Fall. Where we are today.

Rockwell, Thanksgiving.jpg
“The Modern, Evil, White, Privileged, Stupid Trumper and Domestic Terrorist.” – A Norman Rockwell painting.

Half the Country wants planned socialism, believing it superior to, and more compassionate than, unplanned capitalism—a free market.

For a long time the only ones pushing back seemed to be mildly conservative writers. Yet, this was a losing battle. Looking more closely, these writers seemed to feel bound by olden rules of propriety and self-censorship. They wrote weak articles that merely documented a condition, without naming names or taking a stand.

They seemed politically correct-ed.

Having been unconsciously trained in Leftist ways and controlled language, these good men and women didn’t seem to know any different. They mistook Democrat Open Warfare, dead people, “race,” and burning cities for things they were not allowed to mention or write about.

They were cowards.

They were victims of Language. Victims of Democrat control and misdirection. They failed to detect and document distractions manipulated in front of their faces.

This freed a leftist media even further.

It caused the mad-dog, insane uprising of violence and lies we see today. Like a rip-tide, it pulled out to sea so-called, “celebrities,” and social muckrakers.

Where America was once solidly pro-America, it became a nightmare of Marxist wet-dreams. Communism, elitism, country dachas, private limousines, unchallengeable leftist rule, and “sensible” gun control—to enable and rule them all.

Now the confused, burning Earth is gripped by an unsympathetic propaganda juggernaut. The goals of Stalin and Goebbels are goals of a world-wide, One World, borderless, movement. A bloody Jihad of “natural,” Elitist Rule over you, the dumb, stupid, expendable serfs.

I therefore thank conservative writer’s Forces beginning to rise against the deranged Left.

Your time is now. The ghost of Thomas Paine and righteous calls during desperate times—it rises. His “Common Sense” had nothing to do with Leftist “common sense” or “common sense gun control.”

Thomas Paine

We are all Thomas Paine. Say something. Do something. Write it down. Tell everybody.

Don’t stand for a coup stormed against the last rampart of  Donald Trump and Trump’s America.

Save the American Way. Save Yourselves.



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