HI, KIDS. HERE’S A SAMPLING of today’s absurd headline “news,” outlining how “celebrities” are somehow smarter than you and get so-called, “news” coverage, where you don’t.

They get to say whatever they want that’s Liberal, while you have to shut-up and hide your conservative self in the bathroom. You’re not allowed to speak, and can only THINK what you’d like to do about the  Lost American Dream.

Because you are restricted in what you are permitted to say. Nothing conservative or pro-America is allowed.

Because a Liberal has no restrictions at all on what they spew, as long as they spew something Liberal, leftist, “Progressive,” socialist, Marxist, anti-America, anti-Trump, communist, or pro-Democrat.

In my opinion, the so-called, “news,” itself, is an infected socialist scam floating In a morass of diseased Marxist filth. It features whoever can say the craziest things. Whoever can give Good Access—with passion—and thereby reap sexy headlines to boost failed or failing careers.

Jorge Ramos: Border Wall ‘Symbol of Hate and Racism’ for ‘Those Who Want to Make America White Again’

Samuel L. Jackson: ‘Make America Great Again’ Slogan Is a ‘Trip in Memory Hell’ – …the star spoke of his radical political views…and suggests the president’s “Make America Great Again” slogan…evoked anger and past resentment.

Transgender Billionaire: No Donations to GOP While it Supports ‘My Destruction’

Sharpton: ‘Only Real Emergency’ Is Getting Trump ‘Out of Office’

DC Comics Set to Release Superhero Comic Book Starring a Bungling Jesus Christ

The path to “celebrityness” today is one of Notoriety: who is the wildest, most insane-sounding nincompoop. It takes a DiNero, a Reiner, Streisand, Carrey, a failed Star Wars star, or somebody with some deformity, addiction, or mental affliction.

Either that, or just take your clothes off and show your ass.

Metrolyrics . com – “The 10 Best Songs About Buns….”

FYI, real stars, like, a Clark Gable, a Jimmy Cagney, Carol Lombard, James Stewart, Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall, and many others, would likely have died before showing their ass.

First, they didn’t need to show their ass because they were too principled and mentally stable. Second, they actually had talent and character-based charisma. They were stars and not drugged, addicted, or failed has-beens.

“Miley Cyrus and Her Ass.” – scstylecaster.files.wordpress.com

But today, a “star” or “celeb” has to say something “edgey,” sexy, or show their ass. Some asses are “better” than others. Some statements are crazier than others. The more of either—then the less there is of any existing career, or the more there is of a failed career.

In my opinion, any of the headlines quoted above signify utter stupidity. They are disinformation propaganda, and leftist lies, or “re-imaginings,” that merely foster and spread hatred of America.

A Hollywood “re-imagining” is when they take a successful Wonder like The Wizard Of Oz, and make it into a ripped off, lesser version.

A version that has zero to do with the original, but more to do with nightmares and “social justice.” Like they’ve done to America, to Americans, and the American Way.

Celebrities hawk and push personal Brands of unicorn-fart-socialism—all doomed to fail.

Their “social warrior cries” are a Call to harassment and persecution of conservatives, to violence, burning down neighborhoods, and murder.

If they could, they woud feed every last conservative to a death-camp railway car.

I would rather see these lying idiots just show their ass….

…well…maybe not Sharpton….



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