In my opinion, ISLAM is a pseudo “religion” that seems to have contributed NOTHING, but murder, butchery, perversion, brainwashing, and horror, to a World it seeks to subdue, dominate, and Rule.

“…horrors of Islam….”




NKAWA. COM, MadWorldNews. Com: “ISIS isn’t the only persecutor of Christians. In 2010, Muslims stormed a church in Baghdad, slaughtering men, women, and even children as they worshiped. International BusinessTimes .com confirms that many of the Christian churches in Iraq have been turned into torture chambers, where remaining Christians are butchered and mutilated.“
“Beheaded By Muslims and Left For Street Garbage.” – WikiIslam.Net
After having beheaded French knight Renaud de Chatilon, SALADIN (holding head) executes every last remaining Christian survivor, at the Battle of Hattin, 1187 AD.


…Robert Spencer’s The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS is an amazing book, extraordinary in its detail and riveting in its narratives and analysis….

…This book documents the history of horrors, violence, brutality, oppression, conquests by the sword, beheadings of hundreds of thousands (probably millions), destruction of civilizations and cultures, corruption, deception, and lies that are part of the Islamist culture….

…and every other evil that you can imagine that one group of humans could impose on others in the name of an ideology or, in this case, a pseudo-religion.

The book is a comprehensive history of the role of war and terror in the spread of Islam, and the book details 1,400 years of sheer evil with no relief, imposed on the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, India, and Asia.

The only let-up in these killings that ever came was when some of the cultures and civilizations successfully repulsed the monsters, or else were conquered and then violently and rapidly subdued.

—John Dale Dunn, AmericanThinker.Com

In my opinion, Islamists have successfuly muzzled critics via murder, via “legal” actions, and by good old-fashioned intimidation. Rare is the person who stands up to pressure from such quarters. You can be sued, Twittered, Facebooked, Googled, fired, destroyed, arrested, or killed.

This repression has spread to the United Nations, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other countries that have actually proposed making “blasphemy” into a Law.

A rapidly deteriorating Ireland already carries such a law on its books. Although having been adjusted, “…the 37th Amendment does not repeal the 2009 Defamation Act, which enforces a fine of up to 25,000 euros (about $28,500) for blasphemy.“ —en.m.wikipedia.org

This law from Ireland is often cited by Islamist legal eagle types, seeking to institute “illegal criticism of Islam and the Prophet,” world-wide. Globally. To permeate and rule an entire planet (Earth). Got something critical to say about Islam or Muslims? You won’t be permitted.

Such repression already seems to exist in failing countries like England, Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere. There seems to be almost no stopping a long Islamic march of some 1400 years. Islamists and garden-variety Muslims often proclaim militantly and publicly:


Hey, Liberals; Nancy Pelosi; Hey Pope; “Progressives;” Democrat politicians; One-World rats: if you think when Islam takes control you will be allowed to just walk around as if nothing happened—you are wrong. You can be just as dead as all the others that will have preceded you. So…why are you pushing this “pseudo-religion?” This ugly plan for World Domination and Submission?

Spencer briskly traces the 1,400-year war of Islamic jihadis against the rest of the world, detailing the jihad against Europe, including the 700-year struggle to conquer Constantinople; the jihad in Spain, where non-Muslims fought for another 700 years to get the jihadi invaders out of the country; and the jihad against India, where Muslim warriors and conquerors wrought unparalleled and unfathomable devastation in the name of their religion….

…These days, it is taken for granted, even among many Washington policymakers, that Islam is a fundamentally peaceful religion and that Islamic jihad terrorism is something relatively new, a product of the economic and political ferment of the twentieth century.  It’s not true.  In The History of Jihad, Spencer proves definitively that Islamic terror is as old as Islam itself, as old as Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, who said: “I have been made victorious through terror.”  He had been a highwayman and terrorist for years before he founded his religion, dying in 632….

…Spencer, who can, in a wink, extinguish the idea that Islam is a religion, and with certainty demonstrates that it has no place in any credible vision of peace, as the Western politicians and intellectuals have claimed and as so many leftists continue to babble on about.  To try to make a case for Islam as a religion of peace after reading what Islamists did for the last 1,400 years is nonsense.  Spencer underlines that Islam, and its practitioners, above all, are all about conquest.

—John Dale Dunn, AmericanThinker.Com

In my opinion, this plan for domination and submission of Earth—One World under One Religion—is being pushed on us. Like a drug. To make us stupid. And to shut us up. And make us submissive to Elitist Liberal Rule.

Islam is somehow viewed favorably by foreign billionaires, by foreign trillionaires, and by Liberals and Democrat politicians. In my opinion, they must somehow believe this “Religion” Plan to be self-fulfilling, self-organizing, self-policing, self-reliant, and capable of taking over and dominating the world.

THEN—it seems to me—they must feel they are capable of—themselves—controlling, or co-opting, or buying into the Master Plan, itself.

Ergo, they will have ultimately exterminated all non-Islamic traditions, customs, beliefs, and laws. They will dominate the Earth, and Rule, über alles.

—Merriam-Webster.Com: über alles, German phrase

Definition of über alles :

  “above everything else.”


Including YOU.

This means You—to be ruled and dominated—over everything. Including your inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Whatever Else there used to be….



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