DEMOCRAT MEDIA’S  LIES AND OMISSIONS are enough to choke a donkey.

They almost never admit Errors, but they are guilty of Omissions. In this sense, an omission is equal to a lie.

Definition of omission

1: something neglected or left undone.

2: …neglect of duty

    Synonym: deletion


Big Democrat media lies to you. They will not tell you anything they don’t want you to know. They only tell you what lies fit their fake world, and what they allow you to know.

This is because they think they own you; that you are enslaved to their Liberalism, lies and omissions; that you are entranced by their beauty and camera tricks; that you are hypnotized by their “quirky,” actor news-readers; that you worship their Mythic, fake, make-believe world; that you are stupid and only need to know what they permit you to know.

Here are some of today’s headlines from


Silence of the Moms: Media Refuse to Discuss Angel Families, Victims of Illegal Alien Crimes

Big Democrat Media has zero interest or motivation to tell you about or investigate the invasion of America by ruthless criminals.

Thousands of foreign criminals, thieves, murderers, sex perverts, terrorists, and gang members cross our former borders illegally into America every day.

Unspeakable crimes are inflicted on Americans by these illegals. Yet the media keeps mostly silent. This is because of Democrat “Leaders” like Pelosi, Schumer, Reiner, DiNero, Streisand, EL Pope, and others.

Liberal Democrats have interests in flooding America with what they consider new Democrat voters. Democrats try to immediately register these foreign invaders for voting Democrat. Not only that but Democrats enable illegals to actually vote for Democrats in American elections —illegally.

Media Largely Ignore Democrats’ Puerto Rico Junket During Shutdown

A massive snow storm and killer-cold weather is battering America. But some 30-40 Democrat elite, their families, lobbyists, and entourages, are currently vacationing in sunny Puerto Rico.

Parts of the USA Government are shut down. Some services are closed. Thousands are not getting paid. Yes, this is all part of the game, predictable and just-the-way-it-goes.

Yet, elite, luxury-mad Democrats and their entourages are vacationing in Puerto Rico to watch some fricking production of some fricking Liberal-hailed play. A fantasy, re-imagining, leftwing, fictional, made-up production.

The only significant coverage or commentary has been in conservative media. The trip to Puerto Rico includes 30 Democrats and “109 lobbyists and corporate executives,” according to the Washington Examiner. The participants are staying at an expensive hotel and have enjoyed a performance of Hamilton featuring its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda….The Examiner added that the Democrats will be attending several parties, including one with the Hamilton cast, and enjoying “free time for the members and their families on the trip.”  —

Who pays for all this, you might ask? I think to figure that one out you might need fleets of forensic accountants, lawyers, and Democrat “spokespersons.”

But, hey—what’s in your pocket?

Where are you right now? Partying with “Fast Nancy” Pelosi and lobbyists in sunny Puerto Rico?

Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman in Motel Room

This is not some “trumped up,” one-of-a-kind incident. This sort of violence seems to happen frequently.

Foreign criminals return to Mexico, and illegally get back into crime-ravaged America.

America— former Home Of The Brave—has been brought down low. It’s been ravaged by Democrats—by Liberals, their lawyers, their media, the Church, EL Pope, and foreign “advocacy” groups. America has been reduced to a sniveling, cowardly, uncaring, whimpering fish pond.

Thanks to Democrats, Liberals, creeping socialism, and their protection of foreign invaders, America is now a  private hunting ground for some of the worst criminals on Earth.

Massive Fentanyl Overdose in California Kills 1, Hospitalizes Dozen

I will only ask one question. I will only say one thing, an answer to that same question:

1.) WHO the hell is buying and using these smuggled drugs?

2.) It’s mostly Democrats, liberals, and their lap-dog media who enable this smuggling—and are buying and using the products.

Feds Seize Enough Fentanyl in 2018 to Kill Nearly Twice the U.S. Population

More of the same, vato. It’s more of the same, sad, sick, addicted celebs, media, Hollywood stars, and drugged politicians. Just more of the same….

Numerous Wounded in Sunday Morning Shooting at Phoenix Hotel

In this “alleged” incident, nobody is allegedly named. Nobody is described. Allegedly.  There is no alleged “motive” mentioned.

So you can bet your ass this shooting was not done by white, Christian males—because, if so, their names and even their kindergarten grades and teachers names would be plastered all over MASSIVE headlines and zillions of stories.


Odds are this crime was done by some protected ethnic class. Pick one: “black,” Muslim, Mexican, South American, Gay, Other…?

But it was not done by some Amish, Jewish, Polish, Italian, Irish, or other “white-privileged, evil, stupid, Trump supporter.”

Bernstein: Sources Told Me Mueller Report Shows Trump ‘Helped Putin Destabilize’ United States

If you look up “Bernstein” online, you get “Leonard Bernstein.” The composer, conductor, and music writer.

You don;t get Carl Bernstein anywhere, unless you specifically look up his name in quotes.


Carl Bernstein,” and Leonard Bernstein  – OpenCulture. Com, AmericanLookout. Com, and JA FRIEDBERG IMAGES

This is because Carl Bernstein—described as a mere hanger-on during the Watergate Journalism Affair—is not famous. In fact, Carl is infamous. He seems to shoot off prematurely, before a Hot-Babe-America is anywhere near ready.

Carl seems too quick, shooting off fast stories before they are verified as relevant.

The act of telling what you heard about is not the same as plopping down hard-copy documents, photos, and sworn case-testimony.

Carl Bernstein would therefore seem irrelevant to the truth of some unverified “sources” and how “Trump ‘helped Putin destabilize’ the United States.”

A real journalist—an Edward R, Murrow or a Jack Anderson—would have investigated and gotten to the Truth.

Not simply flung out anti-Trump mud that might just temporarily stick to some wall somewhere. And give the flinger air-time, “expert” time—and income from the vested, Socialist networks. Big Democrat Liberal Media.

Which is pretty much how the USA Democrat Media constantly plays with and touches its own self. As it serves you lies, and omissions, but very few admitted “errors.”

Who do you believe? What’s in your pocket?

What’s in your brain? Who put that there?