NOT A DAY goes by where the USA CongressPerson, Ms. Alexandria, Ocasio-Cortez, is not given a spotlight. Or many spotlights. Or pedestals. She seems to be a constant center of adoring attention. She seems to always be spouting the complete idiocy of Socialism which is always presented as Brilliance.

But, in reality, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is said to be uninformed, naive, and stupid. She is said to not have any idea how the world works or what the hell she’s talking about.

Yet, she is always presented to us by Democrat pundits and spewing news readers as “a diamond” of Socialism And All That’s Good On Earth.


Because She is the One they have waited for.

She looks good, sounds confidant, can dance fast, and is a total commie Socialist. For some reason this is what Democrats and all the J-School grads in cable “news” seem to want. They are also enamored of mass murderers like Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Joe Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and anybody else who was a Communist and killer.

AOC, and her Socialist dogma, seem crisply out of some crisp textbook and crisp college course on Marxist Communism. I endured such a course taught by a rock-ribbed commie at Temple University, back in the 1960’s. I dropped that course. I found it just too stupid, irritating, and loaded with unicorn farts that obscured everything else—everything real and sensible.The real world.

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Communism and Socialism are mythic Brave New Worlds meant to replace Reality.

Even today, in the Future of that old 1960’s world—Socialism and Communism have yet to succeed. They have never succeeded ANYwhere. Unicorn farts have already failed in failed Soviet Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and are reportedly about to implode a failing Red China.

But, you as a Conservative already know that.

So. WHAT is the big deal with this one, snaggle-gummed woman? Why is she central? Why is she worshipped and extolled, every day, all day?

It’s because the leftwing Socialist Democrat media LOVES HER.

Radicals in Democrat so-called, “Main Stream Media,” adore Ocasio-Cortez. This means ALL Democrat lap-dog newsies and media types, not just “a few.” They have waited all their lives for the thrill of a “dynamic” Socialist who can dance fast and spew.

It doesn’t matter what Ocasio-Cortez says or does—only that she is a relatively good-looking, fast-talking, faery-tale spewing Commie.

They think she’s “a female JFK.”

But, John Kennedy would not recognize the Democrat Party of today. Back in the 1960’s JFK sounded like what they would call today, “a right wing, war-mongering, bitter-clinging, nutcase.”

JFK would not be allowed in today’s Communist Democrat Party. He would be Twittered, Facebooked, demeaned 24/7, and ultimately destroyed.

Maybe even killed?

In any event, a Socialist, Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been elected by angry “suburban housewives” who hate Trump because he wanted to “grab pussies,” or something. He’s just really bad. Or something. Toxic. I dunno. Something or other.

But A. O-C. has been chosen by Socialist mass-communications media as poster girl—to be rammed down our throats, as The Cure for what “ails” America: Socialism.

Did you vote for that? Who voted for that?

You want Socialism? You want “equality?” Oh! I see. In that case, you want to be corralled, demoted, slapped senseless, and  sanitized for Rule—by Them.

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Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is set to join the House Financial Services Committee, which is chaired by none other than Rep. Maxine Walters (D-CA). Democratic sources told The Hill she was recommended for a place on the committee…


AOC has called for a 70% tax “on the rich.” This was already tried in 2012, in France, by major Socialist, President Francois Hollande. It was an absolute disaster and just very quietly vanished from the books, in 2015. Yet AOC wants to keep trying it—over and again.

This is said to be an indication of insanity. To keep repeating the same process but expect different results.

You think this is good? Is this a good sign? Will the “things to come,” with MS. Ocasio-Cortez’s bobbing parade-float, open the door to a Socialist Wonderland? Some Worker’s Paradise? Does she presage a  brave new world of communism, socialism, and Marxism, with liberty, and justice for all?

Hell, no. She is a bad thing. In her fancy, fast-dancing, slenderized, sleekened candy-wrapper—Ms. Ocasio-Cortez will be pushed on us 24/7 like some wonder-drug.

She will be marketed and merchandized by the Liberal Communist Media, by their Democrat politician enablers, educators, experts, spewing heads, and by their Enforcers.

Get used to it. Be ready. Be prepared. Learn it. Live it.

But don’t believe any of it.