WHY ARE HILLARY, BILL, THE FBI, THE DOJ, and other reputed denizens of the Deep Swamp of State, still walking around loose? Why haven’t they been indicted, arrested, tried, and locked up?

Questions cascade, but, basically, they all mean this: why hasn’t President Trump cashed-in these bastards yet—those who are out to get him, caught hot-handed in their coup d’etat?

The Truth of these questions compose a separate universe from the one you inhabit. You’re living inside a phony world—just like episodes of Game Of Thrones, or The Walking Dead.

Your world is made-up fiction. It follows a script with plot and structure. It has a pre-ordained ending. You live in a world created for you by Democrats, by Democrat media, by their pet entertainers, movies, TV shows, “news,” actors, singers, dancers, athletes, politicians, writers, Leftist enforcers, and other Leftist make-believe set-designers.

You are controlled by 24/7 surveillance and law enforcement agencies with cameras on every telephone pole, store, and lamppost. They have eyes and ears in outer space, your living room, and in every pocket. You live in a world of fear and restraint. If you are politically conservative—you’re scared. Concerned. It’s a world created to keep you caged. Your mind is not free.

“THE MATRIX,” HumansAreFree.Com, The Wachowskis, WB

The real world is the one Trump has awakened in. But, he was never a stranger to it. Raised and functioning in the real world all his life, Donald J. Trump already knows how to kick ass and win.

Let me—permit me—let me enter that Trumpian/Coup D’Etat universe and tell you how it works. In my 35 years as a street detective, I’ve already been there. In my extra-long life, I’ve seen it evolve. From the beginnings of a distant, remotely photographed world war into this—the immediacy of a so-called, Information Age. Of instant video and the Internet. The new reality of, “You Are There.”

To you, it’s all a set-piece place with fictional characters and made-up equilibrium. To you, it’s like any universe a writer creates when s/he writes a story or book. It has rules, laws, and the included characters can only say and do certain things—act a certain way. Or there’s no story.

For example: Spock does not usually laugh; Kirk does not usually cry. Spock is logical and knows when he’s beaten; Kirk never quits for any reason. James Bond Is the eternal warrior, and never changes. Holmes is the Magician. Columbo is the last-minute thief—a closer.

Peter Falk as COLUMBO, PasteMagazine.Com, Universal TV, NBCUniversal TV Distribution

So. Donald J. Trump runs for President, gets elected, and becomes The Hero. The anti-hero. A target.

Donald Trump finds himself transported suddenly to the real world. A world where there are no false-sets, no made up scripts, no actors or TV-induced “memes,” and everything is Out To Get Him.

For real.

This is the harshest world possible. Nobody needs this world. The real world of the Deep Swamp State and its minions want Donald Trump gone, locked up, or dead. This is a world where Trump already knows he must fight to survive.

Fortunately, its ground-floor inhabitants, like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Comer, Clapper, and Brennan—oh my! Are truly stupid.

These “folks” are not smart. They are dumb. Stupid. What they have going for them is this—they know how their world of Power works. They know who to call. How to get things done. What usually works.

And they have supervision from on-high; from foreign and domestic billionaires and trillionaires. The Big Boys And Girls—from their Masters. Those with enough money and Real Power to create wars, delete mountains, dry up seas, or overthrow countries.

Trump awakes already knowing all this. The prior life in the previous, made-up world is now just Fiction. Trump awakens, already knowing names, dates, addresses, and intentions—because he’s done this all his life. He’s played this game before. Only now….

…now he also has vast resources and powers he’s never had before. So he already knows almost everything he needs to know. Maybe he even knows more than that—everything. Now he has access to those cameras, to eyes in the sky, ears in pockets, law enforcement, and that all-important spy, the confidential informant lodged deep inside the Target.

So he already knows who’s against him. Who wants him gone or dead. Who’s working the coup. Who their backers and enforcers are. What they all want, and what he wants himself.

This is tricky ground, kids.

Marlon Brando as THE GODFATHER, Paramount Pictures, and JAF IMAGES

Trump may have all this data in his hands but he has to balance it out. He has to take small, sure, correct steps or he could throw any plan of his off balance and crash it.

Sure—the opposition is stupid. But they hve no idea how to handle a wild hog like Trump. A street guy. A fighter. Someone who kicks them back in the organs when they aren’t looking. Someone who wants they, themselves—THEM, GONE, locked up, or dead.

So they become maybe just a shred more unpredictable.

Do you see now what a blindingly intense game this is? And why we have to watch it through dark glasses of guessing? Why it needs to unravel slowly?

Do you see now— WHY the main actors, and other reputed denizens of the Deep Swamp of State, are still out there walking around loose? Do you see why they haven’t yet been indicted, arrested, tried, and locked up?

Do you understand this is delicate, surgical work, and how Trump can’t go in with a ball-bat?

No, he needs to use a scalpel. And he needs to take the opposition out—or weaken it—one slob at a time.

And, in two years, that’s Exactly what he’s been doing. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Can you?

Give this Man time.


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