Could it be that the once phalanx-like imperturbability of an iron-clad Democrat Party is broken? Have “the newer crew” of Leftists already smashed through some sort of Stolid Democrat Line, in a flanking charge?

It looks that way.

…newly elected radicals have shown their hand – they want to Impeach Trump, crimes or not. The Older Democrats are trying to hold them down and prevent such action from being taken. On all fronts Pelosi and Schumer are trying to hold the party together, stamp out fires that keep popping up and rein the radical – and moderate – newbies in.


An “older crew” of ranking democrats is reportedly trying to rein in “younger, feistier” House members who want to go after President Donald J. Trump with fixed bayonets and their hair on fire.

The 2018 midterms were a disaster for House Republicans.

Democrats gained 40 seats, retook the majority, and, to our horror, Nancy Pelosi is speaker again. They were elected to stop Trump, to block him at every turn, and lead the effort for his impeachment and removal from office. Any Democrat who says otherwise is lying.

The base demands Trump go at all costs. The younger, feistier Democrats say that openly. The older crew tries to downplay it, but ultimately that’s their goal.

—Matt Vespa, TownHall.Com

Nancy Pelosi (age, 79) apparently wants to get Trump, too, but in her own way. Ms Pelosi currently dodders into her next term as Speaker Of The House. She has been in public office since 1987.

Who is she? Nancy Pelosi is worth an estimated $140 Million. Nancy Pelosi’s father was “Tommy” D’Alesandro, described as a life-long politician. He was a Congressman from Maryland, 1939-1947, and then Mayor of Baltimore, 1947-1959.

Nancy Pelosi, “…used to manage her father’s book of who owed him political favors.”


Understandably, some incumbent members of the newest Democrat Congress don’t want their chandeliers rattled. They like being in power, wealthy, and aspire to more. Proof of their drive can be Nancy Pelosi herself, who, at 79, still aspired to and fought for her position of Speaker.

Democrats seem on a roll, and dominate 24/7 National news via their cronies in so-called, “Main Stream Media.” They seem to have their own “moderate”plan for achieving aims. This is evidenced in caution displayed by the Pelosi/Schumer Axis in their post-Trump talk about the southern border.

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However, “feistier” elements of their newly elected Democrat ranks seem insistent that more and radical Liberals need to brought on board. The Call is that they be given more power, better positions, and generally allowed to take over from the “older crew.”

Make no mistake—many hate, loathe, and detest the duly and legally elected President Donald J. Trump, and want him gone, impeached, locked up, or—some, as stated—even dead.

However, we are looking at two different and separate sects within the Democrat Party. There is a religious fervor inherent to this. There seem to be vaunted Democrat angels, gods, demons, and Tempters abounding.

But it remains to be seen which sect, faction, or cult, will win. The “feistier” or the “older crew.”

Is there a Democrat “civil war” a’brewing? Maybe.

Probably not. As soon as favors, awards, and positions of power can be dispensed by Nancy Pelosi and the Elders, I believe the “feistier” will more or less play along.

Except for the part where they will inevitably reach for increased power, position, wealth, influence, and ultimate control of the Democrat Party .


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