Have you ever watched YouTube? It seems a lot like USA politics.

Have you seen the “FAILS,” or whatever? That’s where people do stupid things. Like jumping off a roof onto a table that shatters or flips over backwards? Or setting their face on fire? Or crashing a car or their head in to a pole? Flipping a motorcycle? Or doing a somersault and bashing out their front teeth?

How about the ones where everybody stands Around to watch tthe tsunami come in?

The “victims” must know these are not good ideas. They must know it will never work out. But they don’t seem to care. To me it seems—like politics—the main thing is to get noticed, get self-aggrandized, or get money. Or all of these.

YouTube is like politicians who don’t actually care about anything they say or do. Actual resultants don’t mean a thing. It doesn’t matter if the stunt is unworkable, it’s just a stunt. It’s about breathlessly delivered strings of words. Promises. Free stuff. The act.

Have you noticed in the YouTube soundtrack, people LAUGHING—everybody laughing, including the “victim?” Somebody tries to skate down a railing, falls off, gets hit by a car, and is laying in the street with a leg bent at some impossible angle. And everybody laughs. Sometimes with a lot of “OH MY GOD”s sprinkled in.

The “OH MY GODS” are like “Cover” a politician might give themselves in a speech. They say something warm. They say something to simulate being human. They care. They’re “fighting” for “the little guy.”

YouTube seems just like USA politics and politicians. It doesn’t matter how dumb or harmful the latest stunt might be. It doesn’t matter the newest socialist whim can never work out, and will harm—if not kill people. And the socialist Democrat politician never has to pay for the act. There are seemingly no consequences that matter. It was all just a Democrat joke anyway. Just on video. It was never real.

It doesn’t matter how STUPID the stunt was. Or even that it could never be implemented. It will be filmed, cherished, and commented upon solemnly, as if it were a miraculous cure for cancer.

As if it were something President Trump tried to prevent—a cure for cancer—because “he’s so rotten, stupid, and mean that he wants everybody dead,” etc.

Today’s Democrat Party and their acts are not meant to actually raise up the down-trod or help anybody. Democrats don’t actually care about “helping folks” they claim to represent.

No. Anything they do is personal. They are out to get Trump. Why? Because he’s in their way. He’s not Obama and he’s not Hillary.

Their God Is Dead. The specter of their domination of Earth fades over the horizon. Their world of order and equality of all—in slavery to them— remains their unobtained wet-dream.

Democrats seemingly exist only to guarantee re-election of themselves. They exist for success of Socialist goals, For the accumulation of personal power, influence, and wealth. In what has been called “a soft psychopathology,” they tend to ELIMINATE or destroy anything that is not Them. Whatever is in their way. They don’t raise up the “underprivileged.” They bring everybody else down.

What’s this, “underprivileged?” Who the hell writes this stuff? What’s all this “victimology?” Who invented that? Why must we “shelter in place?” Why are Donald Trump’s many successes “evil?” Why is what is traditionally American and good—bad? Why are bad things now labeled by media and Democrats as good?

Because that’s the Democrat Party. It’s a wild party. They care about nothing except themselves. Along that line, Trump has to go, because he’s in their way and interferes with themselves. And if you don’t string along with them, then you’re in their way too.

How does anybody fall for this crap? Who votes Democrat?

YouTube is outwardly about “truth” and entertainment. But—like TouTube—USA politics and the Democrat Party are really just a way to get recognition, influence, and money.

YouTube can close your account, or promote it. The Democrat Party, via social justice warriors in the media and Internet, can try doing the same to you. Unless you stay out of their way.

BUT, the way to avoid the hurt of either “punishment” is to not care about the punishment.

Do and say what you really think. Forget about “punishment.” It won’t matter. Let the Democrats just go and shove it.

Will you let them shut you up forever?