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Why would Donald Trump expect car-chasing, tire-biting, mad-dog Democrats to accept his recent  “suggestions for a border security compromise deal?”

The answer is he didn’t.

Trump knew perfectly well that Nancy Pelosi and her raging Democrat True Believers would reject his proposals. So why did he bother?

What Trump did, and what the Democrats did in return, is all part of their shadow-dance. Like  Japanese Kabuki, or Chinese Opera, it’s about the visuals, presentation, and audience involvement. It’s meant to grab you and make you believe whatever it wants you to believe.

Trump was setting the stage for his next move.

 “The president has once again shown he is willing to work with Democrats to end this shutdown and find a compromise that will secure our border,” Blackburn said.

“This proposal that has bipartisan support would provide the much-needed $5.7 billion for a border barrier.”

—Joshua Caplan, Breitbart.Com

Trump wants to show you he’s beeing fair to DACA, and to most of what Pelosi and her Democrats say they want. He wants to show you what Pelosi really is.

Pelosi is stupid. She seems to always play into the Master’s hands. She’s unreasonable.

Nancy Pelosi wants you to think she and her illegals, and her entourage—and you—are being cheated and abused by Trump. She never pulls it off for the uncommitted or fence-sitting voter. Her themes and memes just don’t work. She tries.

This is Kabuki. Chinese Opera. It’s John-Wilkes-Booth theater. While you watch, your mind and emotions are entrapped in the story being told. Your vision is blinded by Distraction. Until the hammer falls, and the shocking plot twist is revealed.

Current mega-themes (or memes) dominate your “today’s news,” as follows:

I’ve been nibbling on popcorn all week as Nancy Pelosi learned a lesson about presidential power and the media was gut checked by the special prosecutor.

—Clarice Feldman, AmericanThinker.Com

While the various shows played out—popcorn, and all—nothing you saw or heard was un-scripted.

Reason should lead you to the truth—that it’s a performance. That Nancy is a liar. But the power of  production distracts your reasoning, so that the purveyor can try and work the “truth” of their magically-induced, sea-change. On you and your world.

All Leftist politics is like that. All Leftist politics is show-biz. All Leftist politics is theater. All Leftist politics is “magical” slight of hand. They offer you one thing, while palming some other thing they intend to foist upon you anyway.

Which is why analysis of every political move is not always warranted. An answer concerns what’s really behind the dazzling political sommersaults and mystical dances.

What’s the framework? What’s the lattice constructed by Democrat or other operatives? What’s the actual Operation? What are they really after?

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, slammed President Trump on Sunday for his televised announcement the previous day offering temporary protected status to immigrants who’ve entered the country illegally in exchange for border wall funding.

Gabbard, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, said that the negotiations to end the ongoing partial government shutdown “shouldn’t be done on television….”

—Andrew OReilly, Breitbart.Com

WHY THE HELL NOT—whatever the hell your name is over there— Tulsa, Terri, Talulah, or whatEVER?

What is the Distraction? What is the shadow-dance being played out? What might be hidden inside the shiny, thrilling production? What is the sea-change?

When dealing with Democrats, watch both hands. Don’t be distracted by hypnotic gestures or attractive, fast-dancing magicians-assistants.

The shiny scaffolding they erect around their illusion is meant for show. It’s meant to lure you into the trick where you can be manipulated and fooled.

Don’t fall for it. Keep your eyes open for hidden tricks—not just on what you are permitted to see.

Watch for the Big Trick. Watch out for America.

Watch out for yourself.